LUNE Debut Confronting Single ‘Factory Fires/Funeral Pyre (Outward)’ With Elite Production

Melbourne metalcore boys LUNE are all you need to know about this week. They’ve just debut their latest single ‘Factory Fires/Funeral Pyre (Outward)’ which follows up ‘EXIT (Inward)‘ and it’s absolutely huge. LUNE have been blowing minds and gaining the attention of metalcore-heads around the world with their stellar releases and high energy performances (prior to lockdown anyway).

The latest release from the band is all encompassing of what they’re capable of. It’s got the confronting and well-produced music video, the sonic production quality, and that elite X-factor that’s given them the name they have today.

Frontman Nate Smith explains he was inspired by the inactions of our government and putting himself into the mindset of a parent of young children and the planet they’ll inherit from previous generations: 

‘Factory Fires/Funeral Pyre’ was my way of getting out my feelings of the future we face today. I found it difficult to put into words and talk about so I chose to write it from the perspective of a parent. As I get older I see more and more people having children and I fear for the future that we face and what we will leave for our children in the wake of a pandemic, a climate crisis and war…”

As suggested, the music video highlights some of these themes, with blistering sounds that bring it all to life in a provoking, yet stark way. Here were Nate’s final thoughts on the track:

“As time goes on we see more and more of the effects of climate change, fires, drought, famine, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and the list goes on. We can see the full consequences of our consumption on the horizon with no real action being taken by world leaders.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Factory Fires/Funeral Pyre (Outward)’ here

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