Matt Cutshall’s Latest Emo’s Not Dead Video is Bonkers.

You know what time it is emo kids, time to grab the guyliner because Matt’s back!

Matt Cutshall has made a name for himself with his emo’s not dead series which has been going strong for a few years now, ranking in millions of videos and cameos galore from stacks of our favourite scene gems from back in the day including All Time Low, Simple Plan, Yellowcard, Dashboard Confessional and more…

His latest addition to the series has Matt’s emo alter-ego having a bit of a SITUATION involving his girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg and her acting buddy which results in Matt going full Ronnie Radke before a couple of special guests show up and steal the show. Yes, if you frothed Twilight back in your tween years, you’re gonna wanna stop what you’re reading and hit play, stat!

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