Northlane Invite Loyal Fans to Their ‘Worldeaters’ Patreon Ahead of NL6

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Northlane fans have been super impatient waiting for their next music upload, so to speak. The band have been teasing how huge “NL6” is going to be, and have now started encouraging fans to join their newly created Patreon ahead of their next big campaign.

The band’s Patreon is aptly named ‘Worldeaters’ after their groundbreaking track and invites their stans to hear more about the band and what they’re up to. The new model that many bands in the scene are moving towards, allows them an opportunity to get intimate with diehard fans and exchange rare artefacts for just a few bucks.

On the Patreon announcement, the band have shared the following on socials:

“We have worked tirelessly over the last 12 years to become the best version of Northlane that we possibly can, but times are changing. We are a completely independent band. We have no label, no management and we self produce our own records.

The Northlane Wordeaters is our chance to give more to our fans, to safeguard the longevity of what we love to do, and create a community of likeminded people to share ideas and our love for music. Over the last 12 years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, resources and held a lot back. This is our chance to give in a way that we don’t have to compromise.

The Northlane Worldeaters is an exclusive club, With many tiers of membership. From less than the price of a beer we’ll be giving you access to new music in advance of the rest of the world, VIP concert tickets, exclusive streams, exclusive merch, exclusive vinyl, an entire library of the tools that we use to create music, photographs that document the history of this band, album stems, Q&A sessions, an online community, unheard demos, presale concert tickets and countless other perks.”

We sat down with guitarist Josh Smith fairly a little while ago for an interview in the lead-up to Full Tilt , back when the dates were coming up a lot sooner (hopefully we’ll finally get that festival soon). In the interview, Smith said the Northlane boys had basically found a house in the Melbourne Dandenong hills to pump out their new album and that the process was going well.

So far, we’ve heard ‘Clockwork‘ from earlier this year, and fans are excited to hear what else the band have in store. For now, keep a close watch on their Patreon and maybe you’ll get to let us know more on the new record.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Join Northlane‘s Patreon ‘Worldeaters’ here

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