Emigrate Announce New Album + Drop Video for ‘You Can’t Run Away’

Following the release of lead single ‘Freeze My Mind’ last month, Emigrate, the brain-child of Rammstein’s Richard Z Kruspe, have released their new single ‘You Can’t Run Away’, as well as pre-orders for their brand new album, The Persistence Of Memory which will be released on November 5th. If you’re an art nerd like me, you’ll recognise The Persistence Of Memory as it’s a shared name with the famous Salvadore Dali painting of the melting clocks.

The single itself is darker musically than ‘Freeze My Mind’, with more electronic elements incorporated throughout, and Joe Letz’s drum work really carries the song. Not to mention RZK’s beautiful and occasional, haunting vocals. At times Emigrate has sounded very Rammstein, which is understandable, however this isn’t the case so far with ‘Freeze My Mind’ and ‘You Can’t Run Away’.

The Persistence Of Memory will be released on November 5th and features nine tracks, including a cover of ‘Always On My Mind’ featuring RZK’s Rammstein bandmate, Till Lindemann and boy am I excited for what this record will sound like!

Words by Kelsey Trevan @kelsey_139

Pre-Order The Persistence Of Memory here

Emigrate – The Persistence Of Memory tracklisting:

1. Rage
2. Always On My Mind feat. Till Lindemann
3. Freeze My Mind
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
5. Come Over
6. You Can’t Run Away
7. Hypothetical
8. Blood Stained Wedding
9. I Will Let You Go