Whitechapel Perpetuate Eclectic Deathcore with Ominous Single ‘A Bloodsoaked Symphony’


Whitechapel are gearing up fans for our potential deathcore album of the year, namely Kin. The Knoxville band delighted us with debut single ‘Lost Boy’ already, which showed real promise to the band’s ever-evolving sound. Well, they’ve now unleashed an eclectic track titled ‘A Bloodsoaked Symphony’ which follows on from ‘Lost Boy‘ naturally.

When the song starts with a quiet bassline, the nerves set in with worry that the band are going with a softer number. However, worry not – this is just the ominous beginning of ‘A Bloodsoaked Symphony’. The guitars enter, they screech and vocalist Phil Bozeman spits into the mic with his nu-deathcore flavour. Instrumentally, the mystery continues with a steady yet looming beat, which slices up into a Whitechapel-esque breakdown, tuned to their precise levelling .

With Kin dropping on October 29th, we haven’t got too much long until the release, but hopefully we’ll still get to hear another couple of brutal bangers from Whitechapel before then.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘A Bloodsoaked Symphony’ here

Pre-order Kin here

whitechapel - kin album

Whitechapel – Kin tracklist

1. I Will Find You
2. Lost Boy
3. A Bloodsoaked Symphony
4. Anticure
5. The Ones That Made Us
6. History is Silent
7. To the Wolves
8. Orphan
9. Without You
10. Without Us
11. Kin

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