Whitechapel Drop ‘Lost Boy’ + Announce New Album Kin


One of the most long-awaited deathcore albums of the year is set for landing everyone. Whitechapel haven’t graced us with new music since 2019 with the highly popular album The Valley. Well, we’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally arrived. The band have dropped their new single ‘Lost Boy‘ overnight with album details officially announced. The Knoxville band are set to release their next record Kin on October 29th with the tracklist below.

So what does the first chapter of Whitechapel‘s next step sound like? Yes, ‘Lost Boy’ is heavy. Vocalist Phil Bozeman leaps straight into those nu-deathcore vocals and drives the ship, as he navigates the ebbs and flows of the song instrumentally. The track is incredibly diverse and showcases a prog-ish bend with clean vocals (yes, you read that correctly). The band has grown so much since their earlier days and are showing even more creativity than they have on the past two or so records. The back-end of ‘Lost Boy’ spins into a riff-party and if you’ve been enjoying the Whitechapel journey up until The Valley, then you’re going to like this. Let’s see what else the band have in store on Kin.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Whitechapel’s new song ‘Lost Boy’ here

Pre-order Kin here

whitechapel - kin album

Whitechapel – Kin tracklist

1. I Will Find You
2. Lost Boy
3. A Bloodsoaked Symphony
4. Anticure
5. The Ones That Made Us
6. History is Silent
7. To the Wolves
8. Orphan
9. Without You
10. Without Us
11. Kin

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