Senses Fail Unveil ‘Death By Water’ feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills

With the current state of the world, bands are either bashing out new songs, EPs or albums quicker than babies and one trend we’re seeing more and more of is the use of guest collaborations – because why not? Make a song better by getting a buddy on it and in turn – help them cure their boredom during lockdown and isolation.

Senses Fail are back with their latest offering ‘Death By Water‘ and they’ve enlisted the help of Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas for this one, but don’t expect to be won over by his screams, it’s his clean vocals that take the spotlight in this anthemic radio rock song that’ll please the easycore fan in you! The song has a ‘Miss MurderAFI-era feel to it as it borders on emo/post-hardcore territory. I dig it and so will you.

Vocalist Buddy Neilsen shares:

“The song is named after a section of the poem Wasteland by T.S. Elliot and pulls references from the section. Personally, it is about the struggle of entering the dark night of the soul with regard to becoming a father. In many traditions, there is anecdote and mythology pertaining to the journey of ego death or death and rebirth of a certain time in one’s life. When you become a parent your single self dies and you become eternally linked to life, there is a letting go of the person you once were to become a parent. There was a level of loss I felt having to let go of who I was previously and step into a role that I didn’t feel fully comfortable in. I was blindly jumping into the unknown and this is what this song talks about. Death by water can have the inverse motif of birth and cleansing. When someone is baptized in Christianity they are reborn in the eye of God. I use the theme of death by water as a rebirth in the eye of ‘God’; God being my child, and me being reborn as their parent.

This song represents the descent into the underworld where I am to meet with the soul of my departed grandmother. The entrance into the underworld is always marked by a crossing of water or submersion into water and into a lower plane of existence. ‘Death By Water’ is specifically about the journey of my soul through the plane of existence into the underworld.”

The guest collabs are also exchanged further with Senses Fail‘s Buddy Neilsen scoring a spot on Ice Nine Kills‘ highly anticipated album The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood on a song called ‘F.L.Y.which we speculate to be based upon The Silence of the Lambs OR the obvious choice of The Fly (starring Jeff Goldblum).

Either way, it’s a good time to be a fan of both bands, so stop reading and start streaming!

Stream ‘Death By Waterhere

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