Every Time I Die Unveil Ninth LP Radical + Unleash New Belter ‘Post-Boredom’

After teasing and taunting us for what felt like an eternity, Buffalo’s finest Every Time I Die will finally release their ninth studio album Radical on October 22nd via Epitaph Records and it promises to be 16 fucking songs of pure ETID goodness inspired by the present state of world affairs + it also features collaborations with Josh Scogin (’68/ex-The Chariot) and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra).

The guys also released a new song to celebrate titled ‘PostBoredom‘ which is a bloody enjoyable look at life in lockdown with Keith Buckley showcasing both his yells and beautiful singing voice for us all alognside the rest of the abnd’s chuggy and fast paced instrumentals. Clayton “Goose” Holyoak‘s drums are a delightful addition alongside riff bnoys Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams with Steve Micciche fingering his bass like there’s no tomorrow. It screams ETID from over the years with elements from 2009’s New Junk Aestheticand 2014’s From Parts Unknown prevalent throughout and the video features the boys doing what they do best (Andy steals the show as usual with his long locks and beast of a moustache).

On the new track, frontman/sex-god Keith Buckley revealed:

“’Post-Boredom’ was the first song I ever wrote that gave me the feeling of real Truth… I wasn’t hiding any secret confessions in metaphors, I was very much fed up with living an unfulfilling life and felt that I needed a death (either figuratively or literally) in order to have a fighting chance at finding new meaning. I see this song from a distance. It’s reflective but also, finally, detached. not a full ego death, but indicative that the process needed to start immediately in my own life. If you read the lyrics and it resonates with you, then you also need to recognise that you might be feeling unseen in your current form. So, what are YOU going to do about it if given the gift of death?”

It’ll be five years since the boys unleashed their grand-opus Low Teens which fans and critics alike have labelled as the band’s best work to date. Will Radical live up to expectations? Only time will tell but with four tracks released already (A Colossal Wreck‘, ‘Desperate Pleasures and ‘AWOL‘) which are all certified bangers, it’s a given we’ll be seeing this in a lot of album of the year contender posts in the lead up to release!

Pre-Order Radical here

Every Time I Die – Radical tracklisting

1. Dark Distance
2. Sly
3. Planet Shit
4. Post-Boredom
5. A Colossal Wreck
6. Desperate Pleasures
7. All This And War (feat. Josh Scogin)
8. Thing With Feathers (feat. Andy Hull)
9. Hostile Architecture
10. AWOL
11. The Whip
12. White Void
13. Distress Rehearsal
14. Sexsexsex
15. People Verses
16. We Go Together

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