Volumes Return With New Groovy Number ‘Get Enough’


Our favourite Prog-nu-metalcore dudes are back! Volumes have steadily been releasing hot singles over the last year including ‘Weighted‘, ‘Pixelate’ and ‘holywater‘ on the back of their 2019 EP Coming CleanIt’s been awesome to hear all these new tunes from the guys, and we’ve got another single for your #NewMusicFriday. With Michael Barr having returned to the band now, Volumes have dropped ‘Get Enough’ with Fearless Records for your earholes, but unfortunately no long-awaited album announcement coupled with it… yet. The band have been teasing that it definitely is in the works, so hopefully on the way soon.

It’s been so rewarding to see Volumes‘ journey over the last few years, particularly when they brought in vocalist Myke Terry, even though the band have suffered some trauma with the passing of Diego Farias. We only mention this to describe the resilience of the band and how far they’ve come on their musical journey.

Let’s take a look at ‘Get Enough’. The track boils into a groove immediately with Barr unleashing his signature retch with the high-production bass. With Terry, and Barr’s harmonic cleans, you can just feel that Volumes have perfected this recipe. The band have really evolved their sound since the early days and crafted something really unique. The bass takes a front-and-centre place on the song and is powerful across the slower pace of this song, particularly towards the end.  

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Feast your eyes and ears on Volumes’ new track ‘Get Enough’ right here.


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  1. That’s definitely Barr singing the chorus

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