Pridelands Unveil New Track ‘The Walls’

Since stepping it big time with Resist Records earlier this year, Pridelands sound like they’re the envy of everyone in Australian metal in the scene right now. Following up their pivot to atmospheric metal and post-hardcore, the band have unleashed seering new single ‘The Walls’ and oh boy.

‘The Walls’ is a damn good tune that packs gritty guitars slicing inbetween unclean vocalist Joshua Cory’s heavy screams into a hefty small package of cutting edge metalcore. Alongside earlier single ‘Heavy Tongues’, this new banger will unexpectedly crash onto your daily listening schedule and have you eager to hear more from these guys. No word yet on a full album though, but we’ll keep you posted.

On the new track, clean vocalist Mason Bunt revealed:

“The Walls is a song about the constant struggles of life, to put it simply. Life can be perceived as a series of hurdles or challenges and depending on your outlook, this can be a good or a bad thing… Addictions and self-doubt are very common “walls” that many will face in their life, slowing their ambitions to move forward. This song is about raging against the dying of the light, taking the ever-so slight chance of victory and holding onto that hope.”

The boys have also signed with heavy hitting label Sharptone Records for their international releases so expect them to blow the fuck up in the not too distant future and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, we’re about to leave without you!

Stream ‘The Walls’ here

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