Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Unveil New Album ‘Sticky’ + Drop Title Track

It’s been over two years since Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes releassed their thought-provoking album End Of Suffering and in that time alot has happened… He survived a car accident, made world-wide headlines for his ‘Girls Only Mosh‘ initiative and, like the rest of was, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic which not only put a halt on the band’s touring plans, but also made Frank shut the doors of his brand new tattoo parlour which opened just prior to the pandemic.

So as you can imagine, there’s a lot fo tention and angst inside just waiting to break out and we’re gonna hear all fo that on their forthcopmign album Sticky, which is set for release on October 15th. So far we’ve already had a taste fo the release with their song ‘My Town‘ featuring IDLES frontman Joe Talbot and now the lads are back with the next offering in the form of the album’s title track ‘Sticky‘ which Carter claims is:

“about that moment where you’re drunk at a bus stop at 3AM. You know there are no more buses, but you sit there anyway because you’re too fucked to figure out your options. Your kebab is on the floor, there’s a Stella in your pocket, and you’re woken up by a dirty little fox eating your shoes.”

Noticably upbeat in comparison to previous released tracks like ‘Crowbar‘ and ‘Anxiety‘, this party track will have you jumping around like a salmon run and craving a night on the town. That grungey Brit-Rock sound Frank and co. have been honing in on over the past few albums really shine on this offering and it’s got me excited to hear what esle they’ve been working on.

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sticky tracklisting

1. Sticky
2. Cupid’s Arrow
3. Bang Bang (feat. Lynks)
4. Take It To The Brink
5. My Town (feat. Joe Talbot)
6. Go Get A Tattoo (feat. Lynks)
7. Off With His Head (feat. Cassyette)
8. Cobra Queen
9. Rat Race
10. Original Sin (feat. Bobby Gillespie)

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