Cherry Bring On The Feels with ‘Call Me By My Name’

After wowing crowds with their debut releaseGirls Club‘, the boys from Aussie supergroup  Cherry have made their triumphant return and followed up with the slow jam new song ‘Call Me By My Name‘ which focuses on frontman Jacob Charlton‘s beautiful vocals… and man the boy can sing alongside that piano!

He shared with us how the song came to be, revealing they took inspo from when Coldplay were good:

“Call Me…’ was the first song that we wrote where we felt we finally landed on the right direction for the band to start off with. We went through a whole bunch of different sounds and influences before both myself and MVD went down a huge early-Coldplay rabbit hole and came out with this track. We still put our own modern spin on it and I think the visuals ended up complimenting it really well.”

In case you missed the first piece, the band is made up of Matt Van Duppen and Jacob Charlton (Thornhill), Jack Bergin (Void of Vision), Adam Pinzone (The Beautiful Monument) and Tom Devine-Harrison (Tapestry) and their motivation with this project is to “head into unfamiliar territory and away from our comfort zone in heavy music”. So far they’ve done a pretty good job of showcasing the talent they’ve got inside them and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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