Meet Australia’s Newest Supergroup Project: Cherry!

We said it last year, the best thing about COVID will be all the new music and bands that will have formed in lockdowns around the country and today we’re heading to Melbourne to say g’day to Cherry, the newest ‘supergroup’ (if you will) featuring Matt Van Duppen and Jacob Charlton (Thornhill), Jack Bergin (Void of Vision), Adam Pinzone (The Beautiful Monument) and Tom Devine-Harrison (Tapestry) teaming up together for a new project that’s unlike anything they’ve done before.

“We started the band and wrote this song during the Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, at first thinking that it was just a boredom project that would never see the light of day. Fast-forward 12 months and we’ve now got a full band together and we’re ready to head into unfamiliar territory and away from our comfort zone in heavy music.”

They’ve launched this band with their debut single ‘Girls Club‘ which kicks off with an acoustic guitar and soft vocals that, in a weird way, make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, until the instrumentals kick in. They weren’t wrong when they said it was vastly different to their metalcore/hard rock roots, but it has potential.

According to Jacob, ‘Girls Club‘ is all about:

“…my interpretation of what it would feel like as the main antagonist in an affair. Lyrically I wanted to sing about the mindset of the one causing the destruction of a relationship with no remorse because I’ve always found it something I couldn’t fathom, so this is how I imagined it.”

Such a homewrecker.

I grilled Matt and Jacob further about Cherry and their reason for dabbling in music and sounds they’re not known for, to which they explained:

“As a band, we wanted to explore a completely different way of writing music that we had never been involved in before. The process behind the writing and arrangement of the songs is something that we’re not particularly used to, and we found ourselves focusing on areas of the songs that perhaps wouldn’t normally get the same attention during the writing process of our other bands. It felt fresh and exciting for us to try something new and push ourselves into expanding on our abilities as songwriters.”

That’s what we like to hear. The best thing is, if it’s not your cup of tea, then you’ve got all of their OG bands to fall back on, but for the most part, Cherry has potential and we’re keen to see where they go with it!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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