Ummm Poppy Surprise Dropped A New EP Overnight!

Ahhh Poppy. Our fav new addition to the heavy music scene with her quirky nature and delightfully terrifying screams has blessed us with the surprise drop of her Eat (NXT Soundtrack) EP, you know, the song she performed at the Grammys where she was nominated for Best Metal Performance!

Featuring five new tracks – there’s a touch of almost every genre on here with ‘Eat‘ sounding much like her previous releases with a catchy chorus and heavy instrumentals, ‘Say Cheese‘ has a deathpop/djent feel to it, ‘CUE‘ centres around the drums and I can see this becoming her new circle pit song at future shows! It’s chaotic, her screams are getting better with every release and the juxtaposition of heavy meets pop is just absurdly fun to listen to! ‘Breeders‘ slows things down for a more easy listening metal performance (less screams, more synth) and ‘Dark Dark World‘ is a journey. The ebb and flow of the sound takes you on a ride of heavy downs, sexy basslines and alluring vocals. It sounds a little rushed in comparison to the previous songs on the EP, but it is a closing track, so take that into consideration when listening,

Poppy is more than proving her spot in the heavy music scene and we’re so stoked she’s honing in on this side of her musical career, despite maybe dabbling in the genre as a home a few years ago, she’d definitely proven she can sit at the heavy metal table at the school cafeteria… or she’ll rip heads up!

Stream EAT EP here

Poppy – EAT (NXT Soundtrack) tracklisting

1. EAT
2. Say Cheese
3. CUE
4. Breeders
5. Dark Dark World

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