Watch Booka Nile/Internet Friends Perform ‘Brett’ Live

The MAFS meme has come full circle and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, boy you’re gonna be in for a ride…

Long story short, Booka Nile (Internet Friends/Make Them Suffer) caused quite a stir with the Married At First Sight community (like bubbles protruding from the mouth kind of stir) when she followed directions given to her to make a night all about her husband Brett (revisit that here if you please). Included in that request was a personalised song titled ‘Brett‘ which, as you guessed it, featured the lyrics “Brett Brett Brett, Brett” over and over again… Hilarity ensued and we all moved on from it.

But, overnight, Booka hit the stage with her bandmates in Internet Friends and actually performed the song live for the very first time… and word has it, there’s going to be more performances over the weekend in Western Australia.

When asked about the shows, the band didn’t give many details except for:

“Tonight we’re performing in Nolgart at the Bolgart Hotel and then tomorrow at the Toodyay Hotel”

So, if you’re over the western part of the country and want to see this song performed live, make sure you head along. If not, check it out below!

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