THE RIOT Drop Thought-Provoking Song ‘See it Believe it’

In October last year, we were first introduced to THE RIOT, an upcoming genre-blending act reminiscent of Fever 333 and Hacktivist before them who debuted their first song ‘Same Blunt‘ amidst praise from the heavy music community and critics alike.

Now they’re back and they’ve got so much more to say with their latest offering ‘See it Believe it‘ which was inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd which sparked the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests and movement. From there it spawned new legs and took on a mind of its own, becoming an anthem for the mistreated as the and explain:

“‘See it Believe it’ is not a ‘protest song’ in any traditional sense, it’s a song for those who have suffered under the hand of a cruel system. It’s for people of colour who saw themselves and their oppression reflected in the news over the past year; it’s for LGBTQIA+ people, still persecuted around the globe; for impoverished and suffering workers, doing back-breaking labour for cents under the hands of tech companies; for women diminished by a society geared against them; for anyone who has ever looked up and felt the unseen hands of government and capitalism toying with their fate like the flip of a coin.”

The song’s release was eight months in the making, and still to this day the message is as clear as it ever was:

“this suffering is ongoing, and it requires a unity of vision, a radicalising of the masses, to end. We need a riot; we need THE RIOT.”

Get it into you below.

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