Get To Know The Riot + Suss Their New Video For Bangin’ Single ‘Same Blunt’

Earlier this month we got acquainted with a new cab off the rank called The Riot and their monster track ‘Same Blunt‘. The band definitely have some potential, and we’re keen to see what they get up to next.

We managed to get a chat with The Riot to get to know them a little better, and see if we could get a sneak peek of what’s coming up next, and let’s just say it seems like the band have a lot in store for us.

I’m excited to be chatting with you guys after listening to ‘Same Blunt’- your brand new single – but we’ll talk about that in a minute. First off, what can you tell us about yourselves as a band?

We are a group of guys who love making music and all come from similar music families and backgrounds. We all met at similar points in our lives where we were searching for more, searching for our purpose. One day destiny came knocking at our door – when the doors were closed and we united together randomly to figure out a way to get in to this club on the Gold Coast. Since then that’s been our story ’til this day.

So you guys recently dropped ‘Same Blunt’ – an energetic track that’s sort of got a bit of everything going on there. It’s got it’s heavy elements, some hip-hop and some punk fused in too! Tell us a bit about the brainchild for this one?

Honestly, we had no agenda with this song and its creation. It was our first day recording at the Rainbow Valley studios with Matt Corby. We sat there with a whole bunch of alcohol and weed – obviously to stay creative, and spoke about the hierarchy in the music industry and just humans in general. How at the end of the day even no matter how big they are we all smoke the same blunt drink the same drinks. We all end up in the same place. 

Can we expect some more music coming soon? Will it be anything like ‘Same Blunt’ or have you got a few different bits and pieces up your sleeves?

We have a whole project in the works hopefully coming out early next year. It will be our debut project and it’s going to have some more craziness, trust me. No one is ready but just know we have created some amazing songs, just know it will be more rhythm and chaos. 

I’m getting some influences in ‘Same Blunt’ from bands like Fever 333 and even Hacktivist – which bands in the scene have inspired your sound?

We have heard about Fever 333, they were the first band that was referred to us and people said they saw the similarity. Hacktivist we have never heard of before, but we are going to definitely check it out!

It’s sort of a go-to question at the moment, given the year we’ve had – but how has COVID-19 impacted the band, or in your case given your early age, was it the lockdown-project you guys have needed?

Well, I would be lying if I said that COVID-19 didn’t mess us up a bit after getting the band to the place it was. We were ready to launch but also wanted to be considerate to the current situation. Our band has been called The Riot since 2017 but we didn’t want people to think we were being opportunistic. But after we started doing more songwriting during lockdown we realised how it wasn’t a coincidence that when we were finally ready especially at these times in our society and around the world.

So we actually have not hated COVID-19 or the lockdown too much because it’s helped us focus our energy on what’s happening in each of our worlds. It sucked we didn’t get to play shows but that just helped us have more time to prepare a fucking crazy set for the fans when the time is right.

We hear you guys met under some pretty interesting circumstances, scaling a fence to get into a venue – what more can you tell us about that incident?

I was at a venue that wasn’t letting people in and it ended up being that the guys in the line had ‘another way’ to get in and yeah there was a tap on the shoulder to let me know – that was Tyler. 

We also hear you guys are interested in politics and writing about them – what issues are particularly pertinent to the band?

Nothing too crazy but we do have things we believe in strongly. I mean everyone should have an interest in politics and music because it’s our future that needs attention and education etc. People need to know who they are voting for and why their votes are important. So yeah you will here our political views and our general life views all within our music if you listen carefully.

Any virtual tours in the pipeline (until you can actually tour)?


What else would you like curious and potential fans to know about The Riot?

Honestly, there isn’t much I can say. We like to let the music talk, but more music, more rage, more anarchy, more understanding, more unity and more love.

Can’t bloody wait mate!

Interview by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

Check out the video for ‘Same Blunt’ below and chuck the boys a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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