Jack Bergin vs. Jacob Charlton: Round 2 – ‘Reimagined Ratbags’

If you missed it last week, Void of Vision surprised fans with the unveiling of a reimagined version of their song ‘Year of the Rat‘ which featured the one and only Jacob Charlton of Thornhill on guest vocals. The updated track was praised by fans and the music video, in all of its gruesome form, was well received upon release, so much so we had to grab the frontmen in question for another round in the ring  – this time with less blood, but just as many blows to the ego – and the end result is here for you all!

Please join us as Jack Bergin (Void of Vision) and Jacob Charlton (Thornhill) once again go head to head in the year of the rat…bag!

Jack’s Questions

Jack: Am I Edward Norton or Brad Pitt in this vid?

Jacob: I’m easily Brad Pitt who are you kidding.

Was it a dream come true for you finally getting to kill me?

It has been years in the making and my lord it looked good on film.

How much practice did we get in for choreography to really nail those fight scenes?

I think 10 minutes before was when we really started thinking about it, and it’s probably why the first hit on film was a legitimate knock in the face. Most of the fist fighting was us yelling stage directions at each other while the scrapping was real and hurt.

Smack My Jack Up!

Were there any ideas for this video that were scrapped BEFORE we filmed?

Yeah I had an idea that with each big punch we change locations, just to give it an inception feel or some sort of time warp element but yeah that’s money brooo

How did you pull up the next day?

 I didn’t sleep until 7am and woke up at 1pm and went out drinking with my mates to numb the pain and drown my sorrows but alcohol did not save me the day after. I’ve never felt whiplash like that in my life, my body had given up.

Did you have any flashbacks to New Years Eve while I was playing dead covered in blood on the ground?

Yeah lol because according to you it was my fault you cracked your head open at both those occasions, could sevs though.

Did you enjoy getting a bit more creative on the track as opposed to a little 15 second feature in the middle of a song?

Yeah I’ve never loved the idea of having a featured artist just do a chorus or little part here and there, I always thought the point of a feature was to collaborate and work a song together and I’m super stoked y’all let me do that with you. Was super fun learning how you write lyrics and track vocals as well.

If you could fight anyone in the music industry who would it be?


Jacob’s Questions

Jacob: Was I as hot with my shirt off as expected?

 Jack: You looked like Prince Charming from Shrek and I was super into it.

Wanna talk about any real hits you clocked during the video?

Literally the first punch thrown in the video you clocked me right in the nose. I’m 90% sure that shot ended up making the final cut too, but we were that good at choreography that I can’t even tell.

Did you expect the shoot to go for that long? What time did it wrap up?

I don’t think either of us knew it was going to take that long at all haha, I think the call sheet suggested we’d be finishing just after midnight, but we ended up leaving at 5:30 in the morning. We saw the last guy at the warehouse clock off the day prior and witnessed the first guys clock on that morning – felt like we were in a time warp.

Were there any ideas for this video that were scrapped as we filmed? 

Everything to do with fire haha. The tops of the barrels that surrounded us were initially supposed to be set on fire (coz well, it would look badass) but we were teetering filming during a fire ban in very close proximity to grasslands nearby – it wasn’t super hard to make the call there.

Were there any snacks/drinks that were crucial for looking ripped for this video?

Just want to shout out Pringles Australia and just Himalayan pink rock salt real quick.

Were there any bugs out that night?

I have never seen/had in my mouth that many bugs in my entire life and have no idea how those big ones didn’t end up making a cameo appearance in the vid. Fun fact, that white “room” shot was shot outside and since the only light on the entire property was beaming down on us, so were those god damn bugs. Cian (our videographer) actually spent the entirety of 2020 editing the bugs out one by one.

Jacob Charlton or Brad Pitt?

Did I add any other sick parts to the song that didn’t make the cut?

ONE part in the first pre-chorus didn’t make the cut you sourpuss, and you’ll never let me forget it will you.

Do we reenact the video at the next VOV concert? Or the next Thornhill one? I’m down to swap roles!

I think you’re forgetting that I let you win for the video? The entire week before the shoot in our DM’s was you asking me to go easy on you, but sure I’m down for a rematch.

Interview by Jack Bergin @backjergin and Jacob Charlton @jacobthrnhll

Stream ‘Year of the Rat‘ Reimagined here

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