Void Of Vision Drop Reimagined ‘Year Of The Rat’ feat. Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton

Remember back in 2019 when Void of Vision released their stellar album Hyperdaze and completely blew us all away with their progression (our review here)? That was sick! Then COVID hit and well, it put a pause on any/all touring for that album after the boys fit in a quick trip around the country.

Now, in 2021, with all touring plans paused, the band has made the most of their time in lockdown by creating a reimagined edition of their banging track ‘Year Of The Rat‘ which features a guy you might know from a band you probably froth as much as you froth VoV.

Mr Jacob Charlton from Thornhill has offered up his vocals for the reimagined release and it takes the song much higher than we imagined it could go!

On the new rendition, vocalist Jack Bergin says:

“While I still feel like I’m not where I want to be mentally, it’s songs like this where I can truly see how much has really changed around me in such a short space of time. To gain a form of positivity from such an overwhelmingly negative track over the course of such an overwhelmingly negative year speaks volumes to the importance of heavy music and the reflection within it,” he says, adding:

“‘Year Of The Rat’ was written for those who have reached their expiry date, for the weak that have finally been weeded out. Watching an undeserving individual have a position of ‘power’ stripped from them has been a common theme throughout the year 2020, this song goes out to them.”

Jacob weighed in on the conversation too, discussing his band’s personal connection with VoV and why he was keen to jump in on the idea:

“Jumping on this track was kind of like a little break for us both where we had the opportunity to build on something that had already been created… Aside from that I was honestly super stoked to be a part of the project in general, VOV have always played a special part in Thornhill’s history so it was very cool to be included on a special part of their history.”

He’s not wrong, back in 2018 when Browny asked Void of Vision‘s Jack and James McKendrick backstage at UNIFY who the next big Aussie band would be, both guys, in unison, proclaimed Thornhill would be big within a matter of years and low and behold, look at them now!

But where did the love affair between both bands first begin? Jack took us all back to the time he as sweated by Jacob and where their friendship blossomed:

“About 5 years ago Jacob approached me after one of our hometown shows and asked if I wanted to do guest vocals on his new, up-and-coming band’s track. I’m pretty sure I said yeah, but forgot all about it until a good half a year later when our videographer Cian called and told me I had to come down to do guest vocals on this band that he was working with. The band in question ended up being Jacob and the rest of Thornhill tracking their debut EP, so I’m glad I listened to Cian for once”

Now, both acts have become brothers of the scene and to see them teaming up like this yet again shows that good friends can make good music together.

Get the new ‘Year of the Rat‘ in your ear holes now!

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