It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Fever 333 but they’ve made their return with a music video for the title track of their latest release WRONG GENERATION EP (our review here).

The song/video features frontman Jason Aalon Butler alongside the GOAT Travis Barker making noise from within a box, which sends Butler smashing into the walls every time he tries to turn off the news broadcast. Consequently, tears in the walls are revealed with many outside supporters waiting for the guys to break out.

In my head, this is a metaphor for those wanting to have their say on important topical matters (Like the BLM Movement/Protests which inspired this release) and being stuck in their own heads, only to discover outside of it, is a plethora of others who share similar thoughts on the subject matter.

Upon listening to the track, our reviewer stated:

“Repeating the words “you fucked with the wrong generation” repeated over and over again in the chorus, this call-to-arms anthem is going to inspire millions of new fans who have been following the band since day one OR who are just jumping on the bandwagon now. It has a hard-hitting RATM vibe behind it. People power and rising up against wrong-doers is the best way to describe what this song is all about and I can only imagine Jason and co. climbing on anything in sight at their future live shows (when they return).”


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