Hot Damn! AFI Delivered Two News Songs For Y’all

2021 is just starting to heat up and after teasing a couple of weeks back they had a new album on the way by the end of the year, the AFI lads have lived up to their promise of new material for fans with the delivery of two new songs overnight.

Twisted Tongues‘ is up first and is a retro rock flashback to the past. Frontman Davey Havok’s vocals, as always, are on point and drummer Adam Carson bashes away on the kit for what seems like the entirety of the song without slowing down. This is the slower, atmospheric release of the two tracks. It’s good, but just wait until you hear the next one

Escape From Los Angeles‘ keeps that retro theme going as we’re transported back to the 80’s with more synth than you can poke a stick at. It’s upbeat, nostalgia driven and focuses more on the guitars this time around. Can’t say I’ve ever heard AFI tackle a style like this, correct me if I’m wrong, but they do it with the kind of precision and class you’d expect from the band.

Two new songs and plenty more to come in 2021. Dive deep now and get keen for what else is yet to come…

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