PREMIERE: Brissie Punks Being Jane Lane Bounce Back with New Track ‘Trouble’

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Brissie punks Being Jane Lane but they’re back and keen as hell to kick off their next era with a little rockin’ jam we’re stoked to be bringing to you today!

Trouble‘ marks the band’s first taste of new music since the release of their debut album Savage Sunday last year (our review here) and it’s an upbeat punk tune with a music video that’s going to make you miss live shows even more. The clip was filmed during the band’s performance at the Airwaves Drive-In Music Festival on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year and gives fans a glimpse of what they’ve been missing through the majority of this year… LIVE MUSIC!!!

We caught up with the ladies for a chat about the year that was, the new song and what we can expect next!

Being Jane Lane, you’re back! Get us up to speed, how was your 2020?

(Teigan): 2020 started off so rad. We played a bunch of cool shows. Including one with Mel C [Spice Girls]. Then, like 2 weeks later the world stopped, and we were all just out there wondering where our next roll of TP would be coming from.

hahaha oh yeah, the Toilet Paper sell-out saga was a hell of a time! Did COVID stuff up many plans you had this year or were you keen on a break following the epic couple of years you had prior?

(Teigan): COVID Stuffed up heaps of plans we had. Plenty of cancelled gigs and uncertainty for a while there. We love playing live, so it did start to weigh a bit on our spirits after an extended period of not playing shows. Ultimately the break was good, and needed. We are always working towards something, but it was kind of nice to be forced to slow the pace down.

‘Trouble’ is your first taste of new music since the release of your debut album Savage Sunday… where does this fit in your storyline (around the same sessions or the next phase for the band)

(Lou): I think we have grown as a band. Savage Sunday had a collection of songs that we had been sitting on since we started. It just took a while to polish everything and actually sit down and do an album. The next lot of songs hopefully reflect us having found ourselves as a group a lot more. For us this is the next level. We want to be in your face with our sweet riffs and catchy hooks and do bigger and better things in terms of how we get our music out there. 

And what (or should I ask who) inspired this punk jam?

(Teigan): I guess in some roundabout way, it’s about wanting to completely self destruct from whatever past bullshit you are holding onto. But finding ways and reasons to be better to yourself and the people you love.

The video was shot during your first post-COVID gig at Airwaves Festival, the drive-in show. Take us behind the scenes of that, what was it like performing to a bunch of cars?

(Lou): Leading up to the gig we were so nervous and had no idea what it had been like. We had seen a few videos of these kinds of gigs, and you could tell the video just wasn’t doing it justice. Once we got there and soundchecked we started to relax more. It was a great setup and they were super organised.

We hit the stage in and just did what we do best. Rocked the shit out of the stage. The restrictions lifted just in time for people to be able to get out of their cars and dance just around that space, so we did get to see people singing along and dancing so it made it feel somewhat normal. In saying that without the pressure of bodies staring up at you from the front of the stage, I guess it kind of took away that pressure. We just kinda pinged around the stage having fun with each other haha. 

Since then you’ve slayed the stage a couple of times, more recently at the Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane which we were lucky enough to catch. How’s the feeling for you all getting back on stage indoors again after so long?

(Kate): It honestly felt so good to be on stage again with the girls. We’ve felt pretty disconnected through the covid period and not very creative, so to all be on stage again, playing our music, felt really special. It was also nice to see some familiar faces in the audience singing our songs. It also really solidified for us that this band is something special and what drives it is our connection to each other.

Photos by Cat Louise aka Nine Lives Media

And you’ve got a single launch show tomorrow night at The Wickham, what’s the set going to look like for those who are keen to come for a socially distant mosh?

(PB): It’s always an interesting time trying to write a setty. There’s always going to be more favourable things to play. There’s also the question about when to slot in new songs we have written because it’s always weird playing something for the first time in front of a live audience. In reality, though we always joke about playing Less Is More on repeat haha.

We can say though it will be similar to the Valley Fiesta set with a spicy cover. 

The cover is in fact Spicey! This new single marks the next phase for the BJL, what else can we expect coming up?

(PB): With Christmas coming up we’ve all been pretty under the pump but we’re working towards something special early next year. We are aiming to keep the ball rolling and just give more music, more shows and more ENERGY. We can’t give too much away obviously because our hairs are full of secrets but who knows what 2021 will hold for the beej family. 

And lastly, final thoughts?

(Lou): We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has come to a show, listened to our songs, worn our merch… just everything. This wouldn’t be a thing without the people who like our music. We appreciate your support more than you know. It’s something really amazing when someone comes and tells you how your song impacts their life or that something you have written actually has a place in their world. So we cannot thank everyone enough for actually caring about what we are doing. 

Love you more ladies!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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