Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday (Album Review)

Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday
Released: 1st October 2019


Teigan Le Plastrier // Vocals
PB Chim // Lead Guitar
Kate // Rhythm Guitar
Ami // Drums
Louie // Bass



Let’s be honest, punk is a very male dominated genre. Yes, I know there are some amazing female punk bands out there, both in our country (see Perth’s The Wolfbats) and internationally (The Last Gang are my personal fave), but more female representation within the punk scene is always a positive thing. And that brings us to Being Jane Lane, heralding from Brisbane/Gold Coast, the five-piece have been slowly but surely making an name for themselves across the nation, supporting the likes of Millencolin, Unwritten Law and playing Dead of Winter Fest and winning the VB Hard Yards slot, which brings us to their debut release Savage Sunday.

Opening with a piercing, powerful yell, ‘Next Step’ embodies what one knows (or in some cases) what one will come to know from Being Jane Lane, fuzzy guitars, grungy rock sounds with distinctively punk rock vocals, full of “yeahs” and chants. ‘Savage Sunday’ follows, continuing with its driving drum beat and overtly sexual lyrics. It is a catchy pop-punk anthem.

‘Yeah’ is very 90’s grunge girl power pop inspired, with its simplistic chorus of “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…” making it an easy one for fans and non-fans to sing along to. ‘Be Okay’ has a very The Bombpops vibe; upbeat, cheerful, guitar driven and something you can’t help but tap along to with the chorus repeating adding more layered vocals.

Bringing a moodier edge to the pop punk frivolities is ‘Little Fat Lamb’, which maintains the beat and tempo of the previous songs. ‘Quickly Interrupted’ pulls things back a bit, building on the angst. Opening with the classic guitar, ‘All The Time’ is an atmospheric tune with some added strings to create a haunting and ethereal mood.

‘Marathon’ starts off slower, before bringing the guitars, bass and drums creating a juxtaposition between the gentler opening verse, that focuses on the vocals, and the chorus with the instruments creating an element of drama. ‘Never Have I Ever’ returns to the ladies punk rock roots. Following on is ‘Take Me Outside’, which is just as snappy, and toe tapping as ‘Never Have I Ever’. ‘Running’ has an indie edge, especially with the girls singing along harmonising in sections, while the album finishes with ‘Less Is More’, which is the shortest (get it, less is more?) and heaviest song, with definite overtones of 90’s grunge.

Although Savage Sunday mainly falls under the genre of pop-punk (and pretty bloody good pop-punk too), the ladies have managed to insert a variety of sounds and inspirations into the mix. It is a solid debut album and one that every punk fan or Aussie music fan should check out.

being jane lane savage sunday

Being Jane Lane – Savage Sunday tracklisting

  1. Next Step
  2. Savage Sunday
  3. Yeah
  4. Be Okay
  5. Little Fat Lamb
  6. Quickly Interrupted
  7. All The Time
  8. Marathon
  9. Never Have I Ever
  10. Take Me Outside
  11. Running
  12. Less Is More

Rating: 8/10
Savage Sunday is out October 1st via Human Records. Grab a copy here
Review by Carys Hurcom @CarysWos

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