Grenade Brain – Sick Of It (EP Review)

Grenade Brain - Sick of It EP

Grenade BrainSick Of It EP
Released: 9 December 2020


Matthew // Vocals
Raph // Guitar
Jay // Guitar
Ryan // Bass
Jack // Drums 



We’ve been keeping close tabs on one of the many heavy bands coming from the west-coast lately. Grenade Brain have been kicking ass recently with the release of their ‘Miserable Existence’, coupled with a monster video. Well now, it closes their six-track EP Sick Of It which is about to blow your socks off, let’s take a look.

An eerie intro to ‘All My Friends Want To Die’ entices you with an echoing vocal effort before a straight-up hardcore feast kicks in. The band create immediate carnage with carefully constructed hardcore elements. Prolonged hoarse vocals against a rapid gunfire of drums gets you feeling like you’re listening to Hatebreed, and it feels good. The vocals get raspier as the song progresses, and the nasty distortions set the EP up well for what’s coming next.

‘Cut Out My Veins’ features Donny Bleakley of Still Bloom and is a huge one for ya. Browny chucked a listen a little while ago and here’s what he thought about it. The song commences with a deeper growl from the vocal range, and then the melodic carriage kicks in. Grenade Brain deliver some exceptional breakdowns, they’re sleek, packed with a punch, but don’t take away from the song like many other bands tend to do. This is followed by a bigger breakdown later on after the track progresses with a fast pace. You’ll be two-stepping uncontrollably with this one.

A melodic intro brings us into ‘Headache’ which includes some rap-growls and whammy- features. Although the chaos continues, there’s definitely more of a groove than the other tracks, and makes it feel like a bit of an intermission track between the heavy annihilation. Strap yourself in for a tasty breakdown at the finish.

The back-end of this gigantic EP brings in ‘Zero34’, with some deathcore vocal and instrumental elements, though predominantly hardcore-rooted. Grenade Brain builds a lot of tension in the two-minute track and leaves you waiting for more with suspense, just in time for  ‘Godforsaken’. Operatic voices bring you in, and ultimately have you hanging for the collapse to mania. The band go full-energy on this one and the whole band is firing on all cylinders. 

The Sick Of It EP concludes with ‘Miserable Existence’ which you’ve heard before, with an Upon A Burning Body inspired music video, plus some gore and effects. The song itself is the ultimate track to describe Grenade Brain, it includes old-school hardcore elements, but also the band’s own style of musical delivery. There’s melodic elements, sped up zones and just a whole of carnage, leaving you absolutely frothing for me. Give the EP a spin and turn the volume right up. 

Grenade Brain - Sick of It EP

Grenade Brain Sick Of It EP track-listing:

1. All My Friends Want To Die
2. Cut Out My Veins (feat. Donny Bleakley of Still Bloom)
3. Headache
4. Zero34
5. Godforsaken
6. Miserable Existence

Rating: 7/10
Sick Of It is out Wednesday. Pre-Order/Save here
Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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