Grenade Brain Unleash New Song ‘Cut Out My Veins’ + Unveil Sick Of It EP

Perth’s heavy music scene has been on fire lately and a band we caught up with not too long ago are back with a new single and forthcoming EP for us all to lose our shit over! Grenade Brain have unveiled their Sick Of It EP will be released on December 9th and the first single from it is called ‘Cut Out My Veins

Featuring Donny Bleakley of Still_bloom, this new belter will have you gurning for days as you nod along to the heavy AF instrumentals and soft, yet impactful screams coming your way from frontman Matt Daly. If you call yourself a big fan of Alpha Wolf‘s industrial death/metalcore vibes, these guys will for sure be right up your alley.

On the news, Matt told us:

“This song and EP, in general, is a swan song to the laborious endeavour that existence tends to be. The new record ‘Sick Of It’ launches on December 9th and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have poured ourselves into for the majority of this year…”

The boys aren’t ending it all just yet, there’s plenty more to come and we’ll be all over it like Clive Palmer at a QLD buffet!!

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Grenade Brain – Sick Of It EP tracklisting

1. All My Friends Want To Die
2. Cut Out My Veins
3. Headache
4. Zero34
5. Godforsaken
6. Miserable Existence

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