“We Have More Music Coming Soon, Don’t You Worry About That” Suspect208 Talk Future Plans, Mantra & Goals

The world is still going apeshit about a new band that emerged last week called Suspect208 and we’ve been all over the coverage like a kid in a candy shop! It also blew our minds when we got to have an exclusive chat with the band’s shredders Niko Tsangaris (guitar) and Tye Trujillo (bass) covering a wide range of topics that fans we dying to know!

Wall of Sound‘s Duane James and Paul ‘Browny’ Brown hit the lads first and foremost about their future plans to release music and it turns out new material is on the way sooner than you think according to Tye:

“We have an EP releasing relatively soon, after that our plan is to continue on writing new material until we have a solid selection of songs”

With their debut release ‘Long Awaited‘ scoring rave reviews across the globe, we pressed further about if the boys will be continuing with that style of music or if they’re going to change up their sound with the next release to Niko replied:

“This song shows a couple sides of our sound all in one! Punk, alternative, and hard rock coming together to make something new and fresh. We are definitely going to branch out and show all our colours as we grow as a band”

Regardless of what they do, they’ll have eyes on them all around the place because of their connection to some of heavy music’s greatest musicians… their fathers! Frontman Noah Weiland is Scott Weiland‘s (Stone Temple Pilots) boy, drummer London Hudon is Slash‘s son and Tye is the spitting image of his bassist papa Robert Trujillo (Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies).

But all four members are adamant on that factor not defining their future as musicians and they want to be known for the music they produce, more so than their family ties:

“We are all passionate musicians that want to be known for 1 thing – playing music. We want to establish that this band is about energetic, raw, and powerful music, not anything else.” explains Niko, with Tye adding: “At the end of the day, our goal is to play and write music and have fun with it.

“We want to make it clear, we’re not much different from anybody else who enjoys playing music.” Tye Trujillo on Suspect208’s mantra!

With that out of the way, now we can focus on what’s to come and while no official date has been announced for their follow up single, you better believe it’s coming and we’re salivating at the idea of more music from Suspect208 and the boys are keen as hell for everyone to keep their eyes peeled as Niko wraps up perfectly:

“Keep up with us and join our journey.”

We’re more than ready for the next chapter… isn’t it time you jumped on the bandwagon too?

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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