Who Are Suspect208 And Why Should You Be Frothing Their Debut Song ‘Long Awaited’

Suspect208 are brand spankin’ new and no one besides WoS is talking about them which is total insanity because they’re more than worth your time and attention and they’ve unleashed one of the best debut singles in recent years! For those not in the know, get this into you now…

If my high school band had the sons of Slash, Scott Weiland and Rob Trujillo in it, we may have written a better song than our breakout lunchtime hit ‘Kill Your Dog for Satan’. Unfortunately our dads weren’t some of the greatest rock legends of all time and we, The Hats weren’t really that good anyways…

Suspect208 on the other hand are a different breed to us. Second generation rock stars who, after having released one entire song ‘Long Awaited‘, have shown the world that they’re not simply the sum of their father’s parts. What they are though is a pack of young, hard-working musicians with the means and ability to kill it.

Suspect208 – A band so fresh we had to snake their press photo off Instagram

The Band

Bass playing guru Tye Trujillo (The Helmets, Otto, Thredge) has shown for years what hard work and perseverance can achieve. Admittedly, having a bloke who played with Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Cantrell and now Metallica as your dad can’t hurt, but he’s walked a million miles up and down that bass fretboard all on his own and one peek at his Instagram or YouTube will show the years he’s put into his craft. You don’t get to tour with Korn or play on stage with his old man’s old band Suicidal Tendencies if you haven’t put in the yards. There’s also a chance he’s played in more bands than his very busy dad…

Suspect 208’s sound reminded me immediately of Purple era Stone Temple Pilots, so it didn’t surprise me one bit when I found out vocalist Noah Weiland is Scott Weiland’s son. Noah, like Tye, has spent the last few years creating music but Noah never really put anything out publicly and for a first showing, this creation of his is a fucking delicious starting point. It’s almost scary to think how good he’s going to be once he gets a few years on stage up his belt. Check him out on Instagram!

London Hudson is also a drummer in his other band Classless Act, a group that opened for his father Slash on their 2018 tour. They played their first public show at iconic LA venue Whiskey a Go-Go and his playing is every bit as solid as the blokes his old man has had playing behind him. He’s on Instagram too!

Guitarist Niko Tsangaris plays alongside London in Classless Act and pulls some serious noise out of his Gibson Les Paul and has spent time in Tommy Lee’s studio with iconic producer Bob Rock. In a band filled with rock legends offspring, he shines as bright as the rest of them. Like all the lads, his sound is already miles ahead of more seasoned musicians and it’s going to be a ride watching this already epic guitarist get even better as the years kick on. Niko’s Instagram is here!

At the end of the day, this is only one song, but it is a pearler and makes me excited to see what else is to come. If the lads stick it out and keep working their arses off to be the best, they have the pedigree, the means and the ability to pump out some truly epic rock ’n’ roll.

Get on board. This can be the band where you get to tell everyone you knew about them when they’d only just released their first song.

Discovery and Words by Duane James @duanejamestattoo

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2 Comments on Who Are Suspect208 And Why Should You Be Frothing Their Debut Song ‘Long Awaited’

  1. Anonymous // January 6, 2021 at 5:24 am //

    This band is fucking legit!!! Excellent sound!! Can’t wait for more music from these cats. In a world of pop shit finally a band that can open a can on the music world!! Keep it coming boys!!!!

  2. This song is great! I can’t wait to hear more of these guys, it’s refreshing to hear great music again! Thank you🤘🏻😜

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