The Gloom In The Corner End Ultima Pluvia Trinity With EPIC Finale ‘Requiem’

One story arc we’ve been following closely is The Gloom In The Corner‘s Ultima Pluvia story which has now spanned across three releases over the past few months. Kicking off with ‘Violencethen following withWarfare‘ the intricate details of their story’s protagonist Sherlock has gripped fans who have more than willingly jumped down that rabbit-hole, following the story over the band’s previous releases, more so their Flesh & Bones EP, which catapulted the band into the spotlight.

Frontman and story author Mikey Arthur has created his own Gloomiverse  (yep, claiming that ™) and the band have mastered the soundtrack for you to follow along and to be honest with you, it’s been quite the heavy/core story that fucking definitely needs its own graphic novel or series after all of this comes to an end… The only other band I can think of that does this, THIS well is Ice Nine Kills so if that means Gloom are our Aussie equivalent, then that’s a statement I’m willing to shout from the rooftops loud and proud!

Requiem‘ is the latest piece to the puzzle – the video below serves as a what you’ve missed and catch up special – but the band revealed more about this story for those who like refreshers in word form:

…main protagonist Jay begins leaking information of the Sect, the secret government agency he works for, under the moniker and disguise of Echo Six, slowly deposing them of the power they have over the supernatural community, and allowing the religious and zealous cult known as The Holy Order to rise and assume control, led by Elias DeGraver.

Though the Sect are aware of Jay’s treachery to the organisation, they are unable to locate him, with the little resources they have left after the damage that has been done from the leaks. DeGraver takes it upon himself to search for the mysterious “Echo Six”. The last pieces of Sect information have been leaked, and DeGraver sets out to kill Jay/Echo Six. Jay knows that the Sect aren’t far off from discovering his whereabouts, and that suicide isn’t an option with Sherlock Bones (our co-protagonist), the demonic presence known as a Gloom that resides within him still inhibiting his mind.

The story ends with DeGraver shooting Jay with special bullets that stop his regenerative abilities, thus killing Jay and Sherlock Bones, and the final dismantling of the Sect, now that the last pieces of information have been leaked to the public. The Holy Order takes control of the supernatural community, now that their secrecy has been exposed to the mortal public.

For those who have followed the story since the early days (or jumped on the bandwagon recently) guitarist Matt Stevens wanted to pass on the band’s praise for keeping the legacy alive, telling WoS:

“To all our fans who have supported us over the past 4 years along the Fear Me Arc, if you’ve listened to the music or delved deep into the world we’re continuing to create; we do this for you and we do this for ourselves, no one else. Thank you.”

Baldilocks himself Mikey added:

“I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported this section [pun intended] of the story over the last 4 years. Your love and support for Jay, Sherlock, Ethan and crew have been nothing short of incredible, and I can’t wait to share with you all what’s coming next. From the bottom of my heart, thank you”

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