The Gloom In The Corner Reveal Insights About New Song ‘Warfare’

Melbourne’s The Gloom In The Corner returned with the next chapter in their exciting three-part story arc that we touched on last month when the band revealed:

Following the events of ‘Flesh & Bones’, Jay, the anti-hero of the arc, has since lost his position as a detective, and been moved to the Sect’s wetwork team, performing hits as per request of Director Scarlett. The Sect’s oldest foe, the zealous cult known as The Holy Order, is also coming to light, led by the supernatural priest Elias DeGraver. Not much is known about the Order as of yet, but more will be soon to come.

Warfare‘ is here and it’s heavy AF but also shows just how switched on these guys are with their story telling through heavy tunes. We once again grabbed frontman Mikey Arthur to take us through the song and fill us in on what’s ahead (schneaky teaser if you will) and he said:

Warfare’ follows our Flesh & Bones protagonist Sherlock into a past he never knew. Guided by a fellow Gloom, he is shown that during the time of Christ, he once served as a warlord and top lieutenant to a tyrannical king known as Baphicho, or the First Gloom. Much like in Flesh & Bones, however, Sherlock began to grow a conscious for his barbaric and cruel actions, questioning the morals and ethics of the King’s crusade against the humans and their leaders. After the death of Christ (canonically at Sherlock’s hand, yes that verse in ‘Warfare’ is literal), Baphicho learns of Sherlock’s possible change of heart, and sees this as treason. As punishment, Sherlock is buried back beneath the ethereal hells, only to be reborn by his “Chosen Vessel”, which turns out to be Jay [Fear Me protagonist]. The line “No God Is Above Me” isn’t a failure to believe in a higher being, it’s Sherlock’s narcissistic and vengeful way of proclaiming “there is no king or god that sees, or should see themselves better than me.”

As for what I can say about what’s coming next, I’ll give away one thing. ‘Warfare’ and the last track happen at the same time, meaning that while Sherlock is having his flashback’s with Ency (the fellow Gloom that guides him), something else, something much bigger is going off in the background, and if you read a particular bit of ‘Warfare’ properly, you might be able to see what’s coming.

Intrigued? Get involved with the story arc here and get ‘Warfarehere

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