“This Song Is The Greatest Thing In My Life Right Now…” Check Out Amy Shark’s ‘C’mon’ feat. Travis Barker!

Shark Barker

She’s got pop punk in her roots and her love for the blink-182 lads extends way back to before the start of her career, and now Amy Shark is officially one collaboration off completing a blink trifecta of features with the release of her new single ‘C’mon’, which has the GOAT drummer himself, Travis Barker, behind the kit!

The pop ballad kicks off with a piano before Shark’s powerful vocals come in over the top and you can’t help but feel captivated by her performance. As the song progresses, the tempo picks up before Travis joins in with his drumming and trap beats for the chorus. This continues through the track as Sharky sings about reaching out for help to her lover and the struggles she faced along the way. It’s a companion dedication love song – you know, the one you play for your significant other when you want them to know how special they are to you, and how much you appreciate them – cue the nawwww’s right about here!

There’s a reason why Travis Barker has been featuring on so many artists’ songs of late – the man is a machine and can adapt to ANY musical style that’s presented in front of him, and this is evidence of that! This offering from Shark/Barker isn’t like his usual pop punk roots with blink-182/Machine Gun Kelly or his rap/hip hop collabs… it’s something in its own world and the fact it exists now is wholesome as fuck, and surely going to draw in a few more fans for both parties!

You may ask why we cover a pop artist like Amy Shark, and to be honest with you, why wouldn’t we! Her song ‘Psycho‘ which had Mark Hoppus on guest vocals was certified Gold back in September and if you haven’t streamed the shit out of her track ‘You Think I Think I Sound Like God‘ then you’re missing the closest thing to an Angels & Airwaves song without it actually being an actual AvA song. Seriously, it’s like it was penned by Tom DeLonge himself. Amy’s music transcends genres and despite being a mainstream pop icon nowadays, she still deserves the recognition for where she came from (the true OG fans remember those covers back in the day too… we’ll touch on that again sooner than you think!)

Amy Shark‘s sophomore album is on the way and if this is the quality we can expect from it, sign us the fuck up now!

Check out our interview with Sharky chatting all things blink/box car racer, her pop punk roots and more here

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