Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets To My Downfall (Live Stream Review)

Machine Gun Kelly
Live Stream from The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA
October 1, 2020

Welcome to 2020, the year we went from live gigs with sweaty moshpits and expensive beers to live streams from home in your PJs. And to be honest with you, we’re not opposed to live music in any way shape or form, so if this is the new norm, bring it on. 

On today’s menu, we have Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and friends performing their new album Tickets To My Downfall together live from The Roxy Theatre on LA’s Sunset Strip. How fucking cool is it that we can go to these venues without leaving our house or putting on appropriate pants! MGK‘s new album blew up our site with many cross-genre fans (rap and pop punk) tuning in to check out his dive into the punk realm, and to be honest with you, minus a couple of tracks, his venture was welcomed with open arms (our review here).

But how do these songs fair in a live setting? Take a look…

Much like listening to the album in order, this live stream began on a biiig note. ‘Title Track‘ kicked it off nicely, followed by that fun, bouncy intro riff of ‘Kiss Kiss‘ and I can imagine living rooms/bedrooms all over the world being transformed into mini makeshift moshpits at that point. 

Hearing ‘Bloody Valentine‘ in a live setting was like a dream. Travis Barker‘s drumming was on fucking fire here, and singing “in my yeaaad” in unison whilst also imagining that this would be a stellar arena performance, complete with pyros and “na na na” singalongs. And then…we all know what song came next. Arguably, the biggest pop punk song of 2020. During the first verse of ‘Forget Me Too‘, I was anticipating so hard that Halsey would appear on my screen out of nowhere, and not going to lie, I was a little let down when I only heard her backing track. Once again though, the whole time I was singing along and kinda imagining the live experience. I absolutely feel like ‘Forget Me Too‘ would be a fucking party in the pit.

All I Know‘ slowed things down with rapper Trippie Redd also appearing over the backline but the slower tempo set us up for the heartfelt anthem for lost loved ones, ‘Lonely‘ which MGK dedicated to his late father and aunt who passed away before all of this happened. For a song that has great meaning and emotion behind it, the band delivered a stellar performance with MGK baring his soul as he sung the words about the two people who helped him become who he is today. Raw, wholesome and evidence that he can touch on serious subjects whilst having with a new genre. ‘WWIII‘ followed and immediately we’re filled with blink-182 vibes, just as the song sounds on the album, in a live setting it went off and I could definitely see a circle pit spark up at any future shows where he plays this song live for fans again. 

While ‘Concert for Aliens‘ kinda threw me similar vibes to Good Charlotte‘s ‘The Anthem‘ being such a fun song to jam to, I’m not going to lie, the energy kinda gave way over the second half with MGK feeling a little flat. Like I was hoping with ‘Forget Me Too‘, I was kinda hoping for a Blackbear appearance in ‘My Ex’s Best Friend‘ to kinda amplify the moment. While both are huuge singles that stand so well on their own, they weren’t nearly as enjoyable in this live stream viewing. In saying that though, I can imagine these songs definitely being bigger at an actual live gig. Maybe that’s why MGK decided to whip out a joint during ‘Nothing Inside‘? Who knows?

Play This When I’m Gone‘ is dedicated to his daughter Casie Colson and serves as a song for her to listen to if anything was to happen to him… Grim, but a great gesture and as a parent myself (hahaha can’t believe I said that) I can understand the importance of leaving your kids something to remember you by. Sadly, MGK‘s delivery was a little off by the time this song hit and as much as I wanted to enjoy it more than I did, the energy was just a little low. This could also be because of the fact that after every song, there was just silence. No cheers, no clapping or screams. Just silence. We truly are in weird times right now, but until there’s atmosphere at shows again, we have to accept this is the new norm.

MGK teaming up with Travis Barker for this album (and it’s newly announced deluxe edition) and live stream proves that together, this pair are unstoppable. We can’t wait to see what they do next and maybe, at some point in the future, we’ll be able to see this gig live with our own two eyes and goddamn that’ll be a sight to look forward to…

Live Stream Review by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul and Tamara May @citylightsTAM


Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets To My Downfall Live Strem

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