The Gloom In The Corner Are Up To Something Gloomy…

It’s been a hot minute since Melbourne’s The Gloom In The Corner announced their signing to Collision Course Records and the dropping of their latest track ‘Violence‘ but from there, radio silence… Until now!

wheredoyoustand?the rules of engagement have changed. it is time to decide whose side you’re on.

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Posted by The Gloom In The Corner on Tuesday, August 11, 2020


The boys have teased a cryptic video with a link which takes you to a website where you fill out a questionnaire, based upon some interesting situations (e.g. do you kill your reanimated father’s corpse or let him murder everyone in your hometown). Upon finishing your task, you’re assigned to a specific Sect (one of three) and met with a video from Director Emily Scarlett who true fans may know from the Gloom archives as the Director of Section 13, previously thought to be dead after the events of the track ‘Witch Hunt’ from the release Homecoming. After emerging from her coma, Scarlett has quickly retaken her mantle as the divisive leader of the Sect, and is now back to commandeering and berating Jay following the events of Flesh & Bones.

For those of you who appreciate the band’s music but haven’t followed the story arc, we hit up frontman/Baldilocks Mikey Arthur for a recap of the events so far which he explained:

Following the events of ‘Flesh & Bones’, Jay, the anti-hero of the arc, has since lost his position as a detective, and been moved to the Sect’s wetwork team, performing hits as per request of Director Scarlett. The Sect’s oldest foe, the zealous cult known as The Holy Order, is also coming to light, led by the supernatural priest Elias DeGraver. Not much is known about the Order as of yet, but more will be soon to come.

gloom sect

When we caught up with Mikey upon ‘Violence”s release he explained to us this new story was coming to an end soon, but he was very coy on the information at hand:

The arc is definitely coming to an end. I’m not sure how much I am allowed to say without giving anything away, to be honest, because we are trying to keep it as close-knit as possible. At least with the next single, we focus more on a directionally pointed view, as for the last track I am not allowed to speak about it as I would most likely get in trouble.

Whether you follow the arc or just love to bash your head against the wall listening to The Gloom In The Corner‘s tasty riffs and bellowing growls, this next era is certainly going to send them places and from what we’re seeing, it won’t be long before it comes. Now you’re up to speed, start preparing for the end game…

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