Diamond Construct – DCX2 (EP Review)

Diamond Construct – DCX2
Released: August 28th, 2020


Kynan Groundwater // Vocals
Braden Groundwater // Guitar
Alex Ford // Bass
Callum Nicholls // DJ

Exploding onto the national touring circuit with their debut self-titled album (Our review here) last year is none other than UNIFY Gathering 2020 alumni Diamond Construct. The band is back in 2020 with a more creatively refined sound, which now includes a full-time DJ. Will the Greyscale Records act be able to follow through with the success of their previous album with these four new songs? Let’s assess.

‘Generic’ begins with a slow synth-based ambient sound before vocalist Kynan begins screaming the opening lyrics “Don’t tell me what to do, you’ll never take me alive…”. At which point, hard-hitting djent styled guitar riffs chime in, as well as an impressive drum rhythm from DJ Callum, which is inclusive of blast beats, maintaining its core at the centre of the track. Vocalist Kynan explores low range clean vocals with the lyrics “Just get the fuck away from me and leave me alone” until the song erupts into a breakdown that is so heavy, you might just have thoughts on calling a tow truck. In my honest opinion, this is the best introduction track of the year so far. Next up is ‘Enigma’ which begins with an enticing riff, which leaves me on the edge of my seat as I take it in. The track fluctuates as Kynan Groundwater fluctuates from his staple harsh mid-range vocals to his deep cleans, which creates a smooth listening experience. Appearing again in this track is the ever so impressive drum like sounds, which seems to be one of the groups greatest strengths. The song eludes to a massive breakdown in the outro with the lyrics “I can’t wait forever” being repeated throughout.

Beginning with an electronic synth build-up courtesy of DJ Callum ‘Psychosis’, dives straight into the band’s heavy elements. The djent sounds from the guitars work excellently alongside Callum’s synths in this offering; it is flawless. Although the song doesn’t alternate all too much, it never becomes dull or stale, the band have been able to maintain an exciting feel with this piece from start to finish. The EP finishes with ‘Scythe’ which is arguably the best song on the EP, The regular changes in time signatures are sure to keep you on your feet. Kynan Groundwater has become an extremely well-rounded vocalist as he changes between his clean and unclean vocals with a sense of ease. A lot of bands who base their sound on djent style riffs can easily find themselves writing music which is mundane in nature after a while. However, Diamond Construct have managed to keep their sound fresh as they push the boundaries of their creative minds.

Adding a DJ to the lineup of a metalcore group isn’t common and could be considered a risky move. However, I feel as if it all paid off for Diamond Construct in the end as they experimented with a new sound that leaves room to explore with this sound further. I have always thought that this band is one of the nations most exciting upcoming acts who have a promising future ahead of them, DCX2 has cemented that thought into a belief.

diamond construct dcx2

Diamond Construct – DCX2 tracklisting:

  1. Generic
  2. Enigma
  3. Psychosis
  4. Scythe

Rating 8.5/10
DCX2 is out Friday through Greyscale Records. Pre-Order here.
Review by Adam Rice

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