Diamond Construct – Diamond Construct (Album Review)

Diamond Construct – Diamond Construct
Released: May 17th, 2019


Kynan Groundwater – Vocals
Braden Groundwater – Guitar
Adam Kilpatrick – Drums
Alex Ford – Bass

Diamond Construct have been busy spending the last 12 months writing and recording their debut album, As revealed in my recent interview with them, this album was completely self-produced and recorded in the band’s hometown of Taree, NSW. Having just completed the Nationwide Tour with Thornhill (our Melbourne coverage here) and a huge upcoming run with Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin it is exciting to think of just how far this debut album can further push this four-piece.

The album kicks off with ‘Animus’ which establishes the heavy, metalcore tone for the album. The intricate guitar riffs are a highlight, maintaining consistency in timing – each note hit/played sounds on the mark. This is a song which is professionally written and recorded. ‘Dreamcatcher’ keeps up the pace with a hard-hitting intro. Vocalist Kynan Groundwater goes all out on this one with his extremely fast-paced screams, its a wonder whether he is even breathing. The speedy instrumentals combine well here, creating a sound that makes it hard not to bop your head.

‘Paradox’ keeps the tempo high with a huge metalcore intro, which is what these guys love to produce. With a mix of screams and clean vocals, Kynan shows off his vocalist talent. With a crazy breakdown in the midst of it all, this song is one of the main highlights of the album. ‘Submerged’ is the longest song on the album, and arguably the best. Drummer Adam Kilpatrick shows us what he has to offer in this one and it is impressive, with the guitar and bass building around that sound. ‘Night Terrors’ starts off slow then kicks onto with gear as Kynan screams “Just give me something that I can feel” with the instrumentals producing a highly toned sound which works incredibly well and brings back that high energy metalcore sound these guys deliver so incredibly well, with a handful of detailed breakdowns in the mix I’m not afraid to call this song a masterpiece

‘Say It To My Face’, ‘Hypno’ and ‘Hailstorm’ continue the momentum of high energy metal which collectively keeps the ball rolling with what these guys do best. Instrumentally these songs are so well written and recorded. ‘Morphine Eyes’ slows things down with softer instrumentals and minimal screams throughout, despite the sound change amongst all the heaviness, its a nice addition to the mix. ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Attitude’ picks things back up and brings back the crazily heavy instrumentals and vocals. Arguably the albums heaviest songs in my opinion. The non-stop craziness is a credit to the guitar riffs. The album wraps thing up with ‘Gloom’ which carries through this bands staple metalcore sound. With Kynan’s impressive vocals on top of the whole band’s impressively written instrumentals, it almost seems as if this band can do no wrong, the high tempo sound might be consistent on this album but it never goes stale.

This debut album is so impressive in its own rights and was so incredibly produced by Braden Groundwater (Guitar). With the way these guys are heading there’s no stopping them. Who knows just how far they’ll be able to go…

Diamond Construct album

Diamond Construct – Diamond Construct tracklisting:

1. Animus
2. Dreamcatcher
3. Paradox
4. Submerged
5. Night Terrors
6. Say It To My Face
7. Morphine Eyes
8. Hypno
9. Hailstorm
10. Wildfire
11. Attitude
12. Gloom 

Rating: 4/5
Diamond Construct is out Friday 17th May via Greyscale Records. Pre-Order here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994 

Diamond Construct band

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