Introducing The Masked Singer: Wall Of Sound Edition

Ok ok ok, hear me out before you turn up your nose at the idea. Firstly, the world is in a pandemic at the moment and we’re always on the lookout for creative ways to cure boredom or get us through isolation/lockdown (shout out to our Melb family, you can do this!) AND an internationally captivating show like Masked Singer is great in theory (I mean the South Korean version has fucking Ryan Reynolds on it) so why not do a version based around musicians who we’ll probably NEVER see on a mainstream show like this, but who are well known within our scene!!!

That’s where The Masked Singer: Wall Of Sound Edition comes in… We’re tapping into the craze on our social media to get your non-mainstream music-loving brains working so you don’t turn into Netflix binge-watching zombies (or, more so than you have been lately).

The premise of the Wall of Sound Edition is this:

Each time we play we’ll reveal a new “Masked Singer” and Clues about who they are. You’ll have 12 hours to submit your guess and/or engage in conversations about who it could be. The following morning we’ll post who the “Masked Singer” was and we’ll either laugh at all of you who got it wrong or cheer you on going into the next round. Sound easy? Well, it is because I CBF making this shit any harder.

The musicians will all be artists we’ve featured on Wall of Sound at some point and they’ll be spread across a whole range of genres like heavy metal, hardcore/metalcore/deathcore/pop punk/ alt-rock/prog and so on…

We might do this two to three times a week so we don’t kill the idea off faster than 30 Seconds To Mars killed their brand… It all depends on if you’re keen enough to get involved.

How To Play

Step 1 – At 8pm AEST* we’ll post a Masked Singer (or mascot, whatever, you’re not my real Dad) on Wall of Sound’s Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Accounts + Stories alongside 4 Clues
Step 2 – Submit your guess + See what others think and tell them why they’re wrong (ha!)
Step 3 – Have a very bad sleep racking your brain trying to figure out if you’re right!
Step 4 – Check back in at 8am AEST* the following day to see who it was
(* 8pm AEST/7:30pm ACST/6pm AWST – Evening)
(* 8am AEST/7:30am ACST/6am AWST – Morning)

We hope this idea will keep you entertained while the world around us is falling apart. Get involved, or don’t, we can’t make you do anything but if you’re good as guessing games, now is your time to shine!

Note: This is not sponsored for in any way by Channel 10. But if they wanna give us some money OR chuck Winston McCall from Parkway Drive on the next season, we’d be up for that!

FYI – Comedian Bülent Ceylan sang a bunch of heavy metal songs on the German version of the show… he didn’t win, but surely we can have an Aussie heavy musician on next season for sure! Especially if our game takes off…

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