PREMIERE: Meet Upcoming Post-Hardcore Outfit Silent Hive In Their New Single ‘Downfire’

In the past, we’ve debuted some great, promising bands for you, some of whom have then gone to further progress their musical careers. From LUNE to DRAFTDAY to Wolf & Chain, we’ve managed to uncover some of the best alternative/heavy up-n-comers in Australian music, and we’re stoked to bring you another fresh breed.

Make way for Victorian post-hardcore outfit Silent Hive, who are so new, they don’t even have an official band image yet! But don’t let that deter you from checking their music out. Coming at you straight out of the musical womb, Silent Hive are delivering their debut single ‘Downfire’, which is a nostalgic blend of post-rock melodies and riffs from the 2000’s. If you dig bands like While She Sleeps as well as early material from Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine then these guys will be right up your alley.

Get to know Silent Hive’s debut single ‘Downfire’ now in our chat with Silent Hive main man, Luke Baird on what it’s like creating a new band in the midst of a world pandemic …

Hey Luke! Tell us the backstory of SilentHive and how you came to be?

In 2018 I decided to get serious about writing again, my band Postscript wasn’t doing much at all so I jumped in and started to write some different music. I have always loved heavier music so decided thats what I would do. From that date on I wrote the music for about 100 songs. Over that time I was hunting for a vocalist to work with and about mid 2019 I found Lucas through Facebook which was great, we were both on the same page about what we wanted the songs to sound like. I gave him 16 of the best tracks I had and he went to work.

What’s the story behind your debut single ‘Downfire’?

Lucas wrote the lyrics for ‘Downfire’ about a Commander at War. Going into battle against evil and coming out the other side a hero. I wrote this song about 18 months ago, it had been awhile before vocals were laid down. All off the back of listening to a lot of While She Sleeps.

Who are the band’s biggest influences?

I have been listening to a lot of While She Sleeps during this period. The way they mix up heavy with rock melodies and breakdowns is amazing. One of the best live bands I have seen too. Super Tight! Other influences are bands like Of Mice & Men, Memphis May Fire and Devour the Day.

What message are you hoping to share with fans through your music?

When we started chatting about the ideas for the music we definitely wanted it to be very light, we are not here to push political views on you. The stories are all fictional and fun. We hope that when you turn on our music it allows you to escape from the shit thats going on around the world at the moment.

What’s the one thing getting you through iso?

I’m grateful for my home music studio. The wonders of the internet. I’m working on the album mixing it ready for the rest of the vocals to be laid down so that has been keeping me busy. I also have work on the Wasted History album which is another project I’m working on.

We all know how shit this year has been on a larger scale, but we kinda wanna focus on the positive side here. What’s one good thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

Getting this band together, prior to lockdown 2.0 we were going to hit a rehearsal space and start getting up to scratch with the music. Whilst we cant meet in person all the guys are working away at home and sharing videos of progress being made. Silent Hive is a band I’ve wanted to do for sometime. It’s finally coming out and I’m super stoked.

What’s on the horizon for Silent Hive post-iso?

Get the guys together and start working on rehearsal for a possible show. Well thats the dream. Hopefully we can do shows in the near future. We currently have 4 singles that we plan to release before finalising the album and getting out there for everyone to hear.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Please go to our socials and swing us a like, keep up to date with upcoming music.

You heard him! Silent Hive’s social links are below. Thanks for chatting to us Luke, and we’re keen to see what you do next once iso 2.0 is done and dusted. Stay safe!

Interview By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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