Stand Atlantic Unveil New Video ‘Blurry’

Just a day ahead of their killer album Pink Elephant (which drops tomorrow, view our 10/10 review here!!), Stand Atlantic have unleashed yet another new single/video from the album. This new one’s called ‘Blurry’ and it’s one of my favourites from the album, bringing with it big pop sensibilities and a fresh new vibe for the band. The band gave us an insight about what the new single covers:

“A story about being in a situation with someone, where even though all that you want to do is to be with them, you know deep down that it’s not healthy to do so.”

If you’re a big stan of the band and/or just highly observant in their music videos, you’ll pick up the first few notes of ‘Blurry’ drop at the end of the video for ‘Jurassic Park’. Sneaky!

Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser is our latest co-host on Wall of Sound: Up Against the Wall. Listen to her chat with Browny here

Pink Elephant drops tomorrow via Hopeless Records. If you’re still sitting on a pre-order, today’s your last chance. Grab that here.


Stand Atlantic – Pink Elephant tracklisting:

1. Like That
2. Shh!
3. Blurry
4. Jurassic Park
5. Eviligo
6. Wavelength
7. Drink To Drown
9. Silk & Satin
10. Soap
11. Hate Me (Sometimes)

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