AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget Have A Side Project … Blaqk Audio!

Heeeey Miss Murder… oh sorry, I was just listening to my old MySpace playlist on my iPod Classic and this classic from AFI came on. What a banger of a throwback though. It got me thinking, I wonder what AFI is up to nowadays?

Well, turns out Davey Havok and Jade Puget are working on new music, under a different name! They currently make music under the name ‘Blaqk Audio’ and it’s a little more EDM and synth 90’s pop than we like, yet they’ve still managed to hold onto their emo ways.

What’s even cooler is Blaqk Audio are set to release an album next month, Beneath the Black Palms and they’ve just unleashed the first of it for you today! Havok shares a little about their new project:

“Beneath the Black Palms is an affirmation, exaltation, and momentary illumination of rich, arcane shadows fortified by blinding and rapturous light. Musically a bird sister of Only Things We Love, our latest record more deeply traverses our EDM and futurepop roots while also extending into moods unheard from us before. I am deeply excited to have the opportunity to share it with all.”

It’s quite a vibrant ambience from AFI’s collection though. I’d recommend to give it a listen with caution. Beneath the Black Palms will be released in its entirety on August 21st. Pre-order here



Blaqk Audio – Beneath the Black Palms tracklisting:

1. Consort
2. Zipper Don’t Work
3. 1948
4. A Distant Light
5. Hiss
6. Burnt Babies Fear the Fire
7. Fish Bite
8. Bird Sister
9. I’m Coming Over
10. Tired Eyes
11. It’s Not Going Well

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