Wall Of Sound’s Official Winter Merch Range Is Here!

Are you someone who feels the cold worse than your mates? Is that old hoodie of yours in desperate need of replacing OR do you just not give a flying fuck how you look when you go out during this COVID-19 pandemic and want some comfy trackies to keep you warm and covered during winter?

Well never fear because Wall of Sound’s Winter Merch Range is finally here and we’ve got plenty of options to choose from to keep you out of the cold this year.

The new line features our Moshpit Crew Zip Hoodie and Long Sleeve, as well as a ladies Mosh Like a Girl Crop Jumper and Maple Tee, At Home Mosh Mens Surplus Track Pants and our signature The OG Cuff Beanie. All printed on the much-beloved AS range for your comfort!

Designed by our merch maiden Jerika Makela, this “moshleisure” range is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfy during the colder months and sweating profusely whilst throwing down in your lounge room with your closest comfort-mosh crew OR when we’re finally allowed to jump in a pit at shows when they return.

On the new line/designs Jerika said:

Like everyone in the music community I can’t wait for gigs to become a thing again and experience a mosh pit after all this time away. The first mosh you get back in is going to be absolutely wild and I wanted to create some fresh threads to match the occasion. 

She also touched on Wall of Sound‘s first women’s range, revealing:

I think to be told that you “mosh like a girl” is a huge compliment! Some of the most intense and energetic moshing I’ve ever seen at shows have been women/girls. They go fucking hard. Everyone should mosh like a girl, so now we finally have a range to encourage that motion! I hope you all enjoy it.

WoS Boss Man (and amateur merch model) Paul ‘Browny’ Brown also addressed the new line, designs and reaction to the first merch range drop back in May:

We were absolutely blown away by the response from our first merch line that we had to come back again bigger and better. It proved we have a brand that heavy music fans are passionate about supporting and we hope this new range continues that motion and that our readers/community members are comfy until we see the end of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Designing something that appealed to our female fanbase was a huge deal for us, as we have seen an influx of women getting involved with our socials and our site (whether that be as a fan/reader or as one of our team members), but you don’t often see merch dedicated to them, so when Jerika presented her designs, I think she absolutely nailed it and we couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

We really hope you enjoy the new line and once again, as always, thank YOU for your evergrowing support for all we do here at Wall of Sound xoxo

Pre-Orders will be taking place from today, Friday July 3rd through until Friday July 10th at 5pm AEST via our mates at Imprint Merch.
*Orders will ship from July 27th, 2020 onwards*

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