The 7 Best Rock Ballads According To Tassie’s ADKINS

If you can’t tell, we’re keen as hell to introduce Tasmania’s ADKINS to you all for multiple reasons! One being that their debut album The Wrong Side Of Fame is out this Friday (our review here) and another being that they’ve breathed new life into a genre/style that we haven’t heard much of in recent years from Australian bands.

Think alternative rock/grunge combinations like Creed, Pearl Jam and Guns ‘N Roses and you won’t be too far removed from the styles they incorporated into their forthcoming release, but also, they nailed the balladesque love song anthem ‘Time Waster‘ which sounds so far advanced for a new/fresh band!

On that single, the boys stated:

At their most accessible, the album’s leading single ‘Time Waster’ takes on the classic love ballad, a song about self-awareness, realising that time is finite, and using that time on the people that matter most. A soaring rock song that balances the album’s metal features. The song nicely breaks up the album’s pace and following in the footsteps of modern alt-metal greats such as Alter Bridge, a lovey-dovey belter is obligatory.

So, on that we grabbed the boys to divulge into the back catalogues of bands from yesteryear and countdown their favourite ballads to swoon over… this is the end result!

SAM ADKINS (Vocals/Guitar)

‘Watch Over You’ – Alter Bridge 

This song instantly caught my attention as the intro guitar has an open string chord progression I had never heard before. The unique tuning of the guitars gives the whole song a unique sound. From the warm vocal harmonies to the belting final chorus. You cannot fault it.

‘Carousel’ – Buckcherry

This takes me back, Buckcherry is one of those bands you listen to at a young age, and no matter how long it has been, you can always sing all their songs word for word. They have an array of ballads, and all of them are worthy of a place on this list. But Carousel takes the cake for me. Creative writing, a nice steady tempo and tasty guitar licks. Partner that with Josh Todd’s unique voice and it is an unforgettable tune.

JOSH WILCOX (Guitar/Vocals)

‘Here I Go Again’ – Whitesnake

There is just something about 80s glam rock, and Here I Go Again never disappoints, from the big ballad verses, to the fist pumping, jumpy choruses, coupled with one of the most “80s” music videos ever filmed, it’s always a crowd pleaser, and has always been a family favourite.

‘Cemetery Gates’ – Pantera

One of the most memorable guitar solos in metal, this power ballad is instantly recognisable, with its eerie pinch harmonic driven guitar riffs, all the way to the legendary clash of guitar and vocals in its final moments.


‘November Rain’ – Guns N Roses

This was probably the first rock ballad I had ever heard; it is a favourite of my parents. Guns N Roses were a huge influence for me to get into music, and with such great guitar work, this song single-handedly made me gravitate towards the guitar.

‘Always’ – Bon Jovi

Whenever there was music being played at my house growing up, Bon Jovi was sure to be heard. Along with all the 70s and 80s rock staples, Always was always turned to max, and sung loudly. With such an iconic vocal display and classic stadium sounding drums, this song will always be a favourite.


‘Fly To The Angels’ – Slaughter

A gem in the sea of 90s rock ‘n’ roll arena ballads, Fly To The Angels twists the love ballad to a story of love lost rather than found. Sombre verses behind the unique vocals make way to massive, lighter-waving choruses. Just an all-round classic that stands out among the mass of 90s love ballads.

Get them into ya and then check out ADKINS‘ offering to the love ballad genre below!

Words by Browny @brownypaul

Pre-Order/Save The Wrong Side Of Fame right here

ADKINS - the wrong side of pain

ADKINS – The Wrong Side Of Fame tracklisting

1. See Right Through
2. Sky Fall
3. All You Take
4. Taste
5. Time Waster
6. Wish Upon A Scar
7. Last To Know
8. Pale White
9. Temporary
10. Tenth

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