August Burns Red Drop ‘Bones’ Music Video

Their latest album Guardians came out on Friday and now August Burns Red have dropped their next music video from it for the song ‘Bones‘ which features the band ripping hard with a bunch of, you guessed it, bones!

Rhythm Guitarist Brett Rambler commented on the concept, stating:

“The video for ‘Bones’ is possibly the coolest music video we’ve ever done… It takes the song title quite literally, and creates an awesome and visually stunning video. It was a weird video for us to shoot, because for the vast majority of it we had to stand perfectly still, so all of the x-ray and other effects could line up properly. That’s definitely a departure from a usual music video where you are supposed to bang your head as hard as possible all day long. We’ve been at this for a while so our old ‘Bones’ (wink) were happy for the change of pace.”

On the song itself, our reviewer Adam Rice said:

With a guitar solo and melodic riffage being the focal point in ‘Bones’, ABR manages to display their flawless rhythm section, which is in my opinion, world-class. With twists and turns throughout this song, including an anthemic chorus which allows for a strong hook to flourish, this piece adds qualities that are new for this band, without having to stray from their usual niche.

Check his full review out here and grab the album here if you haven’t already!

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