Violent Soho Defend Brisbane’s Mansfield Tavern And Are Trying To Do Another Show There

Mansfield’s finest have emerged from their cocoons and played some EPIC sets at Good Things Festival over the weekend (our Melb coverage here), but that’s just the start of what’s to come according to Michael Richards and Luke Henery of Violent Soho who sat down with Browny for a chat on our Wall of Sound: Up Against The WallGood People Doing Good Things‘ podcast (stream it here).

When quizzed about these shows being the start of what’s to come, the lads cheerfully replied with:

“We’ve got heaps of stuff planned, it’s going to be a big year for us next year… Stoked to be playing again, it’s been a minute that’s for sure!”

Turns out they’re also planning to play the infamous Mansfield Tavern again, which those of you know how wild their last shows have been there, know you’re in for a treat (revisit our review of their 2017 Christmas show here).

On the subject of the venue, they spoke about Violent Soho‘s connection with the pub revealing:

“They named the menu there at the Mansy Taven after (us). It’s like a Violent Soho themed menu, so you can get a ‘Covered in Cheese’ burger”

Soho ho ho

Violent Soho @ Mansfield Tavern, December 2017. Photo: Paul ‘Browny’ Brown

They also spoke out about recent news stories circulating (via The Courier Mail) about the tavern being demolished/renovated to make way for a new restaurant precinct which would apparently no longer have an area for live shows. Turns out it was a bunch of hearsay from out of touch town planners pushing their own ideologies on the community:

“We were talking to the owner and he’s like ‘yeah I don’t know anything about that’, about it disappearing. I think that’s town planners trying to push their… concept in the papers and make the community accept it. I mean, there’s still space there to have a concert venue, even if they do gentrify the space, hopefully the venue stays there”

“And we’re still looking to try and do another show there!” – Luke Henery of Violent Soho says they’re keen to play the Mansfield Tavern again

But if you can’t make it to Brisbane, don’t fear, there’ll be plenty of Soho to go around in 2020 according to the guys:

“Yeah we plan to make sure everyone gets a bit sick of us again (laughs) na, we’re gonna get busy next year, there’s gonna be lots of shows so it’s gonna be a good, big year”

Get keen for new music and new shows from Sooohooooo!!!!

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