Violent Soho – Gig Review 22nd December @ Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane QLD

Violent Soho @ Mansfield Tavern, December 2019

Violent Soho
Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane QLD
December 22nd, 2017
Support: WAAX, Lindsay McDougall & Friends and Aaron Gocs

One of the last gigs to see out 2017 finally came about with Violent Soho-ho-ho ripping up the stage at their local, the infamous hotbox known as the Mansfield Watering Hole alongside fellow Brisbanites WAAX, Lindsay McDougall of Frenzal Rhomb and Santa in the form of “comedian” Aaron Gocs.

Soho Lindsay

Lindsay McDougall @ Santa Is Coming To Mansfield Dec 22nd

Let’s start at the beginning with punters slowly making their way into the smaller than usual venue just in time for a solo acoustic set from Lindsay McDougall who stated he was going to be playing nothing but Christmas songs as he ripped into a “festive edition” of ‘Russell Crowe’s Band‘ and other fan favourites from Frenzal Rhomb. This wouldn’t be the last time Mr McDougall would jump on stage though so he definitely warmed the crowd up good and proper for the next guests.

Taking to the stage just after 8:30pm were WAAX who have had one of their biggest years to date and the band showed no signs fatigue or slowing down as they smashing through their set which kicked off with ‘Nothing is Always‘ and included crowd favourites ‘Wild & Weak‘ and the raspy, yet alluring ‘This Everything‘ which frontwoman Marie DeVita absolutely owned with her combination of crazy eyes and scream/singing. ‘Same Same‘ rounded up the set as the band left the stage with a thunderous applause seeing them out.

Lindsay McDougall was back on stage again to perform more acoustic Christmas songs and he invited Jodie Lawlor, frontwoman from local punk act Flangipanis too, much to the approval of on lookers. However when Santa jumped on stage singing The Vandals’Oi To The World‘ with Lindsay via lyrics on a sheet of paper, that’s when things took an awkward turn. He eventually revealed himself to be “comedian” Aaron Gocs who was met with a round of applause from the sweaty and rowdy Soho fans cramming into the venue to get as close to the stage as they could. Unfortunately for Gocs, his jokes didn’t resonate with the audience and (for the first time in my life) I witnessed a comedian crash and burn in spectacular fashion… The chanting of “QUIET, QUIET, QUIET, QUIET” filled the venue as he tried to jump between jokes about the Broncos and Red Rooster, eventually he gave up and left the stage just in time for McDougall to make his return and bust out a few more Christmas songs, this time with WAAX frontwoman Marie DeVita joining him.

The pair wrapped up again for the night and everyone crammed themselves into Mansfield Tavern as tight as they could get for what can only be described as a trip down memory lane for Violent Soho fans. The 4122 locals hit the stage around 10pm and began playing some of their older and most loved songs including ‘Here Be Dragons‘, ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend‘, ‘Son of Sam‘, ‘Generation‘ and ‘Muscle Junkie‘. It’s at this moment guitarist James Tidswell confirms to the crowd they’re playing their 2010 Self-Titled album from start to finish, much to the EPIC excitement from everyone in attendance. Frontman Luke Boredom stated to the crowd they’re playing songs they haven’t played in a very long time and that he hoped he could remember how to play them and with that he played acoustic track ‘Outsider‘ before the band re-joined him for ‘Slippery Tongue‘, ‘Love is a Heavy Word‘, ‘Bombs over Broadway‘, ‘Narrow-Ways‘ and ‘Eat Your Parents‘ rounded up the first set.

The band briefly left the stage as the “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG” chants grew louder and louder before the awesome-foursome made their way back on stage and Tids took to the microphone to give out his “thank-yous” to their family, friends, fans and Mansfield Tavern manager who stated that no more bands will ever play at their venue… besides Violent Soho. That’s when the best of tracks kicked off to round up the night featuring ‘Saramona Said‘, ‘Covered in Chrome‘ (which as expected sent everyone into a metal state) with bodies flying all over the room, ‘How To Taste‘ kept that momentum going, as did ‘Viceroy‘ and ‘Like Soda‘ before they wrapped up the evening with crowd favourite ‘Tinderbox‘ as everyone in sight was singing along as loud and proud as they could. The last note played out and the band exited the stage with big smiles on their faces, the punters left battered and bruised soaking in sweat, one poor bloke rubbed past me on the way out and felt like he had literally just jumped into a pool… if you’re attending tonight’s second and final gig, make sure to wear as little clothing as possible.

Review by Browny @brownypaul


Here Be Dragons
Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
Son Of Sam
Muscle Junkie
Outsider (Acoustic)
Slippery Tongue
Love Is A Heavy Word
Bombs Over Broadway
Eat Your Parents


Saramona Said
Covered In Chrome
How To Taste
Like Soda

WAAXMerchLindsay McDougall & Jodie Lawlor (Flangipanis)


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