7 Very Good Things To Do At Good Things Festival 2019

As we gear up for the start of heavy music festival season with Good Things Festival this weekend, we’re taking a look at a few things that you need to know before heading into the epic day ahead in your home town. Aside from our Rolling Coverage for everything you need to know about the event (revisit that here), we’ve taken a look at what we think are 7 Very Good Things To Do At Good Things Festival 2019

#7 – Catch Your City’s Local Openers!

This year Good Things Festival launched a competition for local bands to open the music festival in their hometown and the winners were revealed last week with Sisters Doll in Melbourne, Teeth in Sydney and Joy in Motion in Brisbane. We all know what it’s like for a new/upcoming band to score an opportunity like this, so head in early and see what they have to offer (who knows you might find a new favourite).

#6 – Wear Your BEST Running Shoes

Clashes are inevitable with such an impressive lineup like GTF 2019 so the best way to combat the overlaps is to plan accordingly and wear your best running shoes to get you from one side of the festival to the other like Sonic the Hedgehog! With most bands towards the end of the day playing hour long sets, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of the acts onstage then you’re anticipating

#5 – Check Out Poppy, Ice Nine Kills, Simple Creatures + Man With A Mission’s Debut Aussie Festival Shows

Four great acts will head to Australia for the first time to play Good Things Festival (and sideshows) and this is your chance to make history just by being there.

Poppy = Combines a blend of pop/metal and will hands down be the surprise act of the day I’m sure, much like BABYMETAL were last year.

Ice Nine Kills = We’ve been spruiking this band for a while now and can’t wait to see their heavy metal/core performance in a festival setting.

Man with a Mission = Tokyo alternative rockers, wearing giant wolf masks on stage during their set. Seriously, just go to see how they survive in this Australian heat.

Simple Creatures = Mark Hoppus (blink-182) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) heading into new musical territory with their trash-pop genre that’s catchy, yet good! Should be a fun-filled way to wrap up the day in each city!

#4 – Dress Accordingly

No one likes rocking up to a festival, for an entire day, dressed in the wrong attire. Last year in Melbourne was so close to hell I swear I saw fences melting due to the heat… This time around it’s looking like possible showers for the VIC leg. Mostly Sunny for Sydney and Brisbane too with QLD scoring the hottest day of the run.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and look after yourself and your mates!

gtf weather

#3 – Help Enter Shikari Break Their Crowd Surfing World Record

Back in 2009 at Reading Festival, a band with a bright future named Enter Shikari made headlines when they broke the world record for the most amount of crowd surfers during their set. 10 Years Later, we reckon can do better than that first attempt during their set so pull your socks, up, get off your feet and into the air as the band FINALLY debut songs from their kick-arse album The Spark for Australian fans


It had its time in the spotlight and now the time has come to put an end to the now embarrassing shooey chant at music festivals. International guests are getting annoyed they can’t perform a show here without someone calling for them to do it. If you want to conduct one, go for it, but don’t force it upon anyone else, especially when the bands are trying to address the crowd mid-song!

no shooey

Photo by Josh Ludlow

and the BEST thing to do is…

1 – Survive The Veronicas’ Wall of Death (during 4ever)

Ok, so you should all know by now that I am a mad advocate for The Veronicas. Long before the were announced on the lineup and LONG before they released ‘Untouched‘, they dropped their debut album The Secret Life Of… which borderlines on pop punk territory with the influences the girls had at the time of its conception.

It also featured some of their most notable releases to date, including their breakthrough single ‘4ever‘ which legit has a breakdown in it which will serve as the BEST pivotal moment to awaken the forces of hell and instigate this Wall of Death that’s proven to be a major drawcard for attendees. It’s going to be great but you have to do it at the right time and for the right song.

Mosh pits just aren’t what they used to be :'( ~ Gabrielle Cilmeme

Posted by I saw a UFO and nobody believes meme on Friday, June 9, 2017


I’m in no way saying ‘Untouched‘ isn’t suitable, but there just isn’t a right moment to open up the pit during it, like there is in ‘4ever‘. Who knows if Jess and Lisa have something planned… Jess did say she was going to turn ‘Untouched‘ into a screamo anthem which would be sick, but for the best results, you and I both know the best song to cause mayhem during is ‘4ever‘…

Have fun kids, see you in the pit!

Browny @brownypaul

good things fest

Good Things Festival 2019

Parkway Drive | A Day To Remember
Violent Soho | Simple Plan
Bad Religion | Trivium
Skeggs | Simple Creatures | Karnivool
The Veronicas | The Butterfly Effect
Falling In Reverse | Enter Shikari
Dance Gavin Dance | Reel Big Fish | Poppy | Thy Art Is Murder
Ice Nine Kills | Slowly Slowly Man | With A Mission | The Bennies | Voyager | Yours Truly | Windwaker
The Beautiful Monument | Gravemind

Friday 6 December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne
Saturday 7 December – Centennial Park, Sydney
Sunday 8 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane

Tickets Here

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