Raised Fist Come Back Swinging With New Song ‘Venomous’

Now THIS is more like it! Back in September, Raised Fist offered us the first taste of their forthcoming album Anthems with their title track which, upon listening, was a little lacklustre for long terms fans who felt the song was just missing that extra oomph to it! BUT, never fear because they’ve rectified that slight issue with it’s follow up!

The second single is called ‘Venomous‘ and within seconds of kicking off, it’s already faster and much more punchier than its predecessor. The video was also directed, produced and edited by the Raised Fist commander himself, Mr. Alexander Hagman.

With the album out on Friday, keep your fingers cossed for an Australian tour soon since they didn’t pop up on Download Festival…

Pre-Order Anthems here


Raised Fist – Anthems tracklisting

1. Venomous
2. Seventh
3. Anthem
4. Murder
5. Into This World
6. Shadows
7. Oblivious
8. Polarized
9. We Are Here
10. Unsinkable II

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