Palaye Royale Release New Single ‘Hang On To Yourself’

Canadian alternative rock trio Palaye Royale just wrapped up their first headline tour of Australia last month, but Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett show no signs of slowing down. They’re full speed ahead with unleashing the next chapter of their musical career, and the first stage is finally here.

‘Hang On To Yourself’ is the boys brand new single that welcomes you to “the new order” (as shown to you in the end of the video). The video is extravagant as fuck, oozes style and the costumes and sets remind us of the old Panic! At The Disco days. ‘Hang On  To Yourself’ sounds like a huge step in the right direction for the band; these guys just keep getting more and more exciting to watch.

As we learnt in our chat with frontman Remington, drummer Emerson has a graphic novel in the works and the band have been dropping tiny hints scattered right throughout their music history! Could this new video also include some major clues to this top secret side project of theirs? I bet their loyal fanbase, The Royal Council, have already figured it out…

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