Dealer – Gig Review 26th September @ AM//PM, Melbourne VIC

AM//PM, Inflation Nightclub, Melbourne VIC
26th September 2019
Supports: Daybreak and Passerby

Dealer continues to gather momentum as they continue to win over the hearts of heavy music fans nation-wide. With the success of their debut EP Soul Burn (our review here), it was only a matter of time before they were asked to headline club night AM//PM.

Melodic hardcore band Passerby were the first act to take to the stage. Their presence on stage was strong as they played their music with absolute conviction. They did, however, struggle to interact with the crowd and get everyone moving. All in all, this was a fun set to watch. Next act to take to the stage was Daybreak. This acts performances are without parallel; the way they interact with the punters by encouraging moshing and singalongs is incredible to witness. Instrumentally this act plays incredibly tight and seemingly doesn’t miss a beat. Vocalist Shaun Cox has arguably the best vocals within the Australian heavy music scene and is quite heavily underrated. Don’t ever sleep on seeing this band perform because you will be kicking yourself if you miss them!

Finally, it was time for Dealer to take the stage. As the screen behind the stage started counting down the packed band room became buzzing with energy. As opening song ‘Grotesquebegan, it became apparent to me that there seemed to be something wrong with vocalist Aidan, he was skipping over nearly every second sentence expecting the crowd to pick up the slack. Aidan’s poor demeanour carried through for the rest of his set, it was extremely underwhelming to watch (in my opinion), especially knowing the potential this band has for a terrific show as I’ve experienced in the past. Instrumentally the band seemed to be on the mark, with almost perfect timing and delivery.

Dealer seem to be at the stage of their career where they can either make it or break it, and if frontman Aidan makes a habit of providing a mediocre performance, the band’s future seems doubtful.

Gig Review by Adam Rice. Insta: @adam.rice94

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