Dealer – Soul Burn (EP Review)

Dealer – Soul Burn EP
Released: April 5th,  2019


Aidan Holmes – Vocals
Alex Milovic – Bass
Joe Abikhair – Drums
David Wilder – Guitar
Josh Ang – Guitar

Australia’s newest and heaviest supergroup Dealer have been turning heads from the release of their debut singleCrooked’. With ex-members from big bands in the heavy music scene such as Alpha Wolf, Northlane, Iconoclast and Capture the Crown, it’s no surprise that their debut EP is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

The EP kicks off with the hard-hitting single ‘Grotesque’ which has an explosively heavy intro. Vocalist Aidan Holmes shows off his crazily impressive talent which seems to have gotten even better since his AW days. Instrumentally, this is an impressively written and put together song, as each instrument compliments the next in the lead up to a huge breakdown. This tune is a fitting introduction that seems to get better with every listen. ‘Crooked’ keeps up the pace with really tight guitar riffs throughout. This band almost seems as if they can do no wrong as vocalist Aidan Holmes even barks post-breakdown and it fits ever so nicely.

‘Melancholy Oxidase’, featuring Travis Tabron from Varials, is so impressive I’m almost speechless. With a breakdown so heavy it should be illegal, every member of this band has their opportunity to show their flair in this piece and not once was I disappointed. This is also the first song where we get the hear Aidan’s darker style of lyrics as we once witnessed previously in his old band, which just so happens to fit his new band’s playing style perfectly. ‘Pretty Stupid’ starts off with a delightfully fast-paced drum beat and an insanely great breakdown at just thirty seconds in, which is the first of many in this thumper of a song. With what is the fastest song on the EP I am so impressed that vocalist Aidan could keep up and make it seem easy. He screams flat out for such a long time it makes you wonder if he is even breathing. ‘You In Frame’ is a slow one. It almost seems electric-acoustic. There is very little screaming here which is something I wasn’t expecting. It’s a nice change of pace though. ‘Ultima Death’ is the last song on this EP and they accelerated the pace with this one yet again. The guitar riffs and drum beat are so impressive, proving why this band is such a solid up-and-coming act in this scene. Its a fitting song for Dealer to put last on the EP as it really leaves you wanting more from this band who seem to know no bounds.

I tried so hard to fault this flawless EP but I really couldn’t find any! This band goes from strength to strength with each song on this debut release and you’d be stupid not to get your pre-orders in. Make sure you check these guys out in a live setting when they play in Sydney and Melbourne this April.

dealer soul burn ep

Dealer – Soul Burn EP tracklisting

1. Grotesque
2. Crooked
3. Melancholy Oxidase
4. Pretty Stupid
5. You In Frame
6. Ultima Death

Rating: 5/5
Soul Burn EP is out Friday, April 5th via Stay Sick Recordings and Human Warfare. Pre-order here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994 


Catch Dealer‘s live debut in Sydney and Melbourne

Dealer – Debut Shows 2019

April 18th @ AM//PM – Burdekin Hotel, Syd
Tix Here

April 20th @ The Workers Club, Melb
Tix Here

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