Cursed Earth – Gig Review 20th July @ The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Cursed Earth
The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
July 20th, 2019
Supports: Daybreak, The Gloom In The Corner, Wreath and Anticline

Cursed Earth have returned to the touring circuit with the help of vocalist Bobak Rafiee (Justice For The Damned) and have brought some incredibly talented friends along with them. After having released a stellar album titled The Deathbed Sessions (our review here) The anticipation to see the demonstration of these songs in a live setting was large.

First up was Anticline and they did an astounding job of warming up the crowd. Performing their metalcore sound with the utmost confidence, the crowd reacted strongly with a mosh pit opening up early in their set. These guys have been making a name for themselves within the local scene and for good reason. If you ever have the chance to witness these up and comers make sure you jump at the opportunity. Next up was Wreath, I was extremely underwhelmed watching this band perform. At no point did they interact with the crowd or even move around on stage. It almost seemed as if it was a chore for them to play their own music, which was a real disappointment as the potential for a good set was there!

Melbourne natives The Gloom In The Corner Took to the stage next and they pulled up the slack almost immediately. This act is always a pleasure to watch as their upbeat and enthusiastic stage presence creates fun and enjoyable energy wherever they put on a show. They played their music with absolute conviction and professionalism which reacted well with the punters as deafening sing-alongs erupted from the crowded band room. Their setlist consisted mainly of songs from their most recent release Flesh & Bones (review here) which seemed to be loved by everyone within the venue. It was then time for Perth five piece Daybreak to kick off their set and the way this band interacts with the crowd and displays their music is mesmerising. Playing their deathcore sound seemingly without missing a note, as well as Shaun Cox’s incredible voice, ranging from low growls to high screams with ease. The crowded band room of fans really got around these guys as they produced a violent mosh pit from wall to wall. If these guys are ever playing a show near you, don’t sleep on it!

Finally it was time for the one and only Cursed Earth to exhibit their old and new material. Bobak Rafiee encouraged moshing amongst the crowd from the very start. Considering this band hasn’t toured in a while now I was expecting them to be a little rusty, however, they hit the mark with every song and managed to put on an entertaining performance (see video below). With a huge mosh pit lasting the entire set as well as an abundance of sing-alongs it is safe to say that everyone in attendance is staked that Cursed Earth are back doing what they do best.

Without a permanent front person, it’s hard to predict Cursed Earth’s next move. They definitely have the potential to eventuate onto bigger and better things. For now though let’s just be happy they haven’t thrown in the towel and have remained committed to their music and fans!

Gig Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994


War March
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Cursed Earth

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Cursed Earth – Tyranny Across Australia Tour
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