The Gloom In The Corner – Flesh & Bones (EP Review)

The Gloom In The Corner – Flesh & Bones EP
Released: May 30th, 2019


Mikey Arthur – Vocals
Nic Haberle – Drums
Mat Stevens – Guitar
Martin Wood – Guitar
Paul Musolino – Bass



Melbourne natives The Gloom In The Corner have been taking over Australia’s heavy music scene one step at a time with their unique metalcore sound. From playing headline shows at sold out venues across the country, as well as being able to back up their music with each release, its no surprise that their new offering Flesh & Bones has caught the attention of old and new fans nationwide.

Misanthropic’ kicks off the EP into full speed from the very start. With the band’s staple style of darker themed lyrics such as “I was the one that kicked out her chair, it was funny watching her dangle though; gasping for air” carrying through with their new material, its easy to shy away from these guys. However instrumentally this song is a fantastically written piece with incredible riffs and breakdowns throughout. ‘Peace’ begins with a guitar tune which is erringly similar to the introduction to ‘Chop Suey!’ by System Of A Down, but quickly changes up the pace to a nifty and heavy riff with Nic Haberle’s impressive drumming throughout. This piece is slower than this band’s usual pace with Mikey Arthur showing off his impressive range as he hits some high notes with his cleans and quickly returns to his screaming in an effortless manner. ‘Survivor’s Guilt’ starts off with Nic’s admirable rhythmic drumming and constant tempo changing shining through and remain as a focal point for the entire song. With breakdowns filled throughout the song, its one to that makes sitting still nearly impossible. ‘Bleed You Out’ is an impressive demonstration of well-written music with impeccable timing and rhythm. The guitar riffs and drumming seems to coincide with one another to create an incredible metalcore sound. Mikey’s vocals are on the mark with this one.

‘Deer Hunter’ starts off with Mikey saying “The devil is as black as he is painted. With sorrow and loss, you too shall become acquainted, and so it was written…” followed by a slow guitar tune before the heavy tempo that these guys love playing on shines through. This piece of music is another great example of Mikey’s superior vocal techniques as he shows off his range. ‘D.I.M.A’ and ‘Can’t Reach The Sun’ finish off the EP with a fast-paced, heavy metalcore sound with breakdowns thrown in the mix. These guys seem to do no wrong with every song they release and these are no different, the way the instrumentals mesh together to create this music is world class.

The Gloom in The Corner have produced seven incredible tracks in this EP which are second to none. For an independent act to achieve as much as they have is astounding. It is exciting to be able to watch such an incredible five-piece grow and progress as they continue to conquer the heavy music scene.

the gloom in the corner - flesh & bones

The Gloom In The Corner – Flesh & Bones tracklisting:

  1. Misanthropic
  2. Peace
  3. Survivor’s Guilt
  4. Bleed You Out
  5. Deer Hunter
  6. I.M.A
  7. Can’t Reach The Sun

Rating: 4/5
Flesh & Bones is Out Now. Grab a copy here
Review by Adam Rice @adamrice1994

Revisit our interview with frontman Mikey Arthur right here

the gloom in the corner


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  1. Anonymous // June 17, 2019 at 2:57 pm //

    Excellent review Adam. I am not normally into metal . but ill check out the new ep. keep up the good work !!

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